CBD Pen : What it is and How to Use It?


This article serves as a guide to understanding CBD pens. If you are new to vaping and are not sure which vape device to go with, this post will hopefully help you get a clearer understanding of these popular accessories for CBD Vaping.

In short, there are 2 general categories of CBD Pens. The first category are refillable vape pens that can be used multiple times. The second category are disposable CBD vape pens which come with the vape juice already inside and you dispose of them once the vape juice is finished.

What is a CBD Pen?

Let’s break this down a little more now. CBD pens are one of the ways in which you can consume CBD. The most common ways are smoking and ingestion through capsules, oils, tincture and edibles. Vaping can fall under the smoking category.

The main distinction when it comes to vaping is that you will be using the CBD extract and not smoking the flower. Vaping is relatively new, having been introduced around 10 years ago and is very popular among young people.

CBD vape pens are common on the market as a way for newbies and established consumers to take CBD. They  work with CBD vape juice which is sometimes referred to as CBD vape oil. This is a bit misleading though as the vape juice does not and should not contain any oil whatsoever.

Vaping CBD oil is actually dangerous and can lead to serious injury to your lungs. Make sure that if you are getting CBD specifically for vaping that it is labelled as vape juice or e-juice.

There are many vaping devices on the market most of which are somewhat bulky in appearance. The CBD pen has a pen shape which is small and discreet. The Vape pen is made up of a battery that heats up the vape juice and a tank to hold the vape juice.

Different Types of CBD Vape Pens

There are generally 2 categories of CBD pens on the market. These are refillable and disposable pens. The main distinction is that the refillable ones can be reused many times. All you need to do is refill the CBD vape juice and recharge the battery.

The disposable ones only last up to the point that the vape juice finishes. Once you are done with it, you throw it away.

Though there are 2 main categories of vape pens in the market, there are many other brands and varieties made to suit different needs. From the casual look and feel to the elegant looking ones, there is a vape pen suited for just about everyone. The prices range as well, based mainly on the quality of the vape pen.

How long does it take for a CBD pen to kick in?

One of the reasons that vaping has become popular in the CBD community is because it is the fastest way of delivering CBD into the bloodstream. With ingestion, you can expect the CBD to take roughly 2 hours to be absorbed into your system.

You can expect roughly around the same time frames with CBD capsules and some edibles. If you use gum, lollipops or lozenges, they will take around 30 minutes because they are absorbed through the mucus membrane in the mouth.

CBD tincture which is taken sublingually will also take about 30 minutes to be absorbed into the system because they are also absorbed through the mucous membrane. When it comes to vaping though, you can expect to start feeling the effects of the CBD within as little as 30 minutes. Little wonder CBD pens are so popular.

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