Common Funeral Flower Types and Colors

Common Funeral Flower Types and Colors

Flowers are a traditional way of expressing condolences to those who have suffered loss. You can send a bouquet of flowers at the funeral, or even put on a heartfelt and sympathetic floral arrangement. But do you know what kind of flower or flower arrangement is the best option for a funeral? There are many options for funeral flowers and you may not know which one is best for the situation. Below we will introduce different types of funeral flowers, including flower types, colors, and arrangements.  

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Color of Flowers to Send to the Funeral

One of the factors that must be taken into account when choosing a flower arrangement is color. Whether you want to order flowers to decorate the casket at the funeral or send a condolence bouquet, the color you choose will be very different. Here are some options to consider:

White is the traditional color for funeral flowers. White evokes feelings of peace, innocence, and honor. White flowers are suitable for any funeral.

Red flowers represent beauty and power. Red funeral flowers will add a touch of vibrancy to funerals or visits.

Pink flowers represent softness and sympathy. In many cases, pink is a respectable color choice for sympathy flowers and funeral flower arrangements.

Bright yellow and orange flowers remind of good memories. If you want those occasions to be more of a celebration of life than moments of sadness, then they may be suitable for funerals.

Purple represents respect and dignity, making it the perfect accent color for funeral flowers. You can combine it with white for a calm and relaxing arrangement, or combine it with pink to create a sense of comfort.

Blue funeral flowers express deep condolences. At the same time, blue can symbolize your hope for the future and best wishes for the family.

Each color can have its own meaning. But usually flower arrangements are more important in how to use different colors together.

Common Types of Funeral Flowers

In addition to the color of the flowers at the funeral, the type of flowers you choose at the funeral is also very important. You can choose only one type of flower to attend your loved one’s funeral. But more commonly, funeral flower arrangements include various popular flowers and vibrant green plant.

Lily – The white lily is the most popular type of flower at funerals and represents peace, elegance, and dignity. White lilies are a great choice for any type of funeral flower arrangement.

Daisies – White or colorful daisies are a common choice to enhance funeral flower arrangements, often used with other flowers. Traditionally, arrangements that primarily include daisies have also been used for children and babies.

Roses – Roses have almost universal meanings of love and respect. In this way, the rose can be perfectly used as part of the funeral flower arrangement. Roses come in many different colors, including all of the colors listed above. Yellow roses are well suited for celebrating the lives of close friends, while pink roses display elegance and memorial significance. Even if someone dies, the classic red rose also represents deep and lasting love. If you want to create a colorful funeral floral fragrance, consider adding roses to the mix.

Carnations – Carnations are often used in funeral flower arrangements because they grow in many different colors and can help support larger flowers such as roses and lilies. Carnations can also be used as the star of flower arrangements.

These are the common types and colors used in funeral flower arrangements. If you are looking for the best arrangements of funeral flowers in Sterling Heights Michigan, you can always connect with us for getting a rich variety and type of arrangement for showing your condolences.

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