How to Recover from Any Google Penalty?

Google Penalty
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A few years back it was brutal for the webmasters to face penalties because of updates in the Google Algorithm. As per FTC, the search industry is under the complete control of Google. With the passage of time, we rarely see an update in the Google Algorithm. Now if a new update comes then what will it do? The webmasters do not have a full knowledge of this. How will we recover if our site is penalized by Google? It happens sometimes only that the webmasters get the answer to this question. Now I will describe in detail how to recover from any Google penalty.

1. Get the complete data

Identify whether it is a penalty or an update in the Algorithm of Google which caused your traffic drop so that you can take suitable action for it.

  • Use Google Webmaster Tools – In the webmaster tools a message will appear if a manual penalty is imposed on your site.
  • Use Google Analytics – For determining the traffic loss you can take the help of Google Analytics.
  • Use Rank Tracker – If an update or a penalty affects your site then you can take the help of SEOmoz which is a service of rank tracking.
  • See who are your competitors – Whether it is an increased competition or only an update which caused your rankings drop? By using ahrefs service you can get to know about your competitors.
  • See the trends – A penalty can be the reason for the traffic loss on site. Across the web a gradual devaluation of links can occur with the release of the Panda update. It becomes important to check Google Trends to find the reason for drop in your rankings.

2. Check the reason for the penalty

At first you need to check the reason for the penalty. There is a possibility of wastage of resources if the consultants and clients fail to get the reason for the penalty.

  • For any update you need to check the SEO community – You need to find the updates of Google and for this it is necessary to check the SEO community so as to find the reason for the penalty. But for this, it is necessary to find the day of its occurrence.
  • Check the patterns of the penalty – It is necessary to do data analysis to identify the algorithm which caused the penalty.

3. Get knowledge about the responsible penalty or update –

When you have an idea of the penalty that hit you then it becomes necessary for you to get knowledge about the penalty. Now have a look at some resources:

  • Panda   –  (i) Announcement of Panda by Google

                         (ii) Real post on Panda by Search Engine Land

                         (iii) Entry of Wikipedia

  • Penguin – (i) Announcement of Penguin by Google

                          (ii) Response of Search Engine Land

                         (iii) Entry of Wikipedia

  • EMD     –  (i) On domain update’s exact match the information given by Search Engine Land
  • Link Devaluation –  (i) Analysis on the working of link devaluation      

4. Identify case studies –

There is no need of working in the dark. It is possible that the same penalty is imposed on some sites. You need to look at those sites and see the recovery procedure that they follow. Some examples are:

  • See on SEJ: The Holy Grail of Panda Recovery
  • See on Linkbuilder: Google Penguin Recovery Case Study
  • See on SEJ: Thankful For Penguin Recoveries During Panda Updates
  • See on SEOmoz: Recovering From an Over Optimization Penalty
  • See on Cyrus Shepard’s blog: Penalty Lifted: How to Use Google’s Disavow Tool Case Study

5. Prepare an action plan –

Depending on the penalty type you need to create an action plan. Your next steps will depend on this plan. The goals of productivity that are measurable need to be set by you.

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6. Use tools for boosting efficiency –

If a number of inbound links that are offensive hit your site then removing those will be your priority. You can use various tools for doing this efficiently:

  • Remove ‘em
  • Link Cleanup and Contact
  • rmoov

7. Submit a request for reconsideration –

According to Google if a manual penalty is imposed on your site, only then you can file a request for reconsideration. There will be no need to submit a request for reconsideration if webmaster tools have not shown you this in a message. Whenever submitting a request, you need to be honest.

8. Use quality tactics –

A form of quality is present in the penalty that hits you. For winning SEO, you need to look at the process of building links:

  • It is Not Rocket Science to do Content Marketing
  • 7 Link Building Techniques that are Uncommon and Powerful
  • For a competitive edge see 7 advanced Link Building Strategies
  • 10 Link Acquisition Strategies of Post-Panda/Penguin Era

9. Discuss with professionals –

It will be good if the webmasters consult professionals. They can provide you with the necessary information for recovering from penalty.

10. Track the results –

There is a possibility that before the next update, removal of the penalty does not happen if it is a periodic update. It is rare that in a single night you recover from a penalty. So, monitoring the results becomes important for you.

If you want to run a digital marketing campaign across a number of channels then it will be good for you to take help from digital marketing experts.

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