If you are looking for a good camera phone at a low budget, then this is where you halt and read. For years, camera phones have become an integral part of our lives. Almost every smartphone buyer checks the camera functionality thoroughly before purchasing it. As the number of mobile phone manufacturers is increasing globally, the buyers are spoilt with choice. Sometimes, it becomes challenging for you to choose the right phone at the right budget. However, having the proper checkpoints will help you in making the right decision.

Checkpoints for the best camera phone under 10000

  • Bright Aperture – Always choose a phone with a wide lens aperture. The wide lens aperture enhances the image quality of a smartphone. An aperture of f/1.5 allows the subject to take close shot images with extreme clarity. Thus, we recommend phones with an f/1.5 aperture.
  • Ten Plus Megapixels – We recommend smartphones with ten plus megapixel cameras. The 12-21 is the ideal range capable of capturing lovely portraits and detailed videos.                
  • Large Screen – Camera phones do not have a traditional viewfinder. It would help if you manually hold the phone and use the screen as the viewfinder.
  • Gorilla Screen – The smartphones with a gorilla glass cover offer a better visual experience. It also protects the phone from unnecessary scratches. 
  • Optical Image Stabilizer – Image stabilization is an essential aspect of photography. Being non-professionals, we often tend to shake our hands while clicking photos. The visual image stabilizer adjusts the distortions in the captured image.

Lens Type and Different Lens Type

The camera lenses found in some smartphones are capable of competing with small digital cameras. Since smartphone designers try to make compact phones, there is less room for optical zoom. The modern smartphones feature wide-angle lenses or multiple lenses. 


mobile under 10000 must be able to capture good quality videos. Video quality and specifications is a very important checkpoint before purchasing mobile phones. A standard mobile phone offers a 720p or 1080p video quality. The 720p is a minimum requirement for a smartphone to record clear videos. Anything below that will distort the visual experience.


A mobile phone must have a basic level of protection against water and moisture. We are not asking for 100m water resistant specifications. But, the camera lens should be well protected against these problems.

Expandable Memory 

Always purchase a smartphone with expandable memory. This helps you in storing images and video files. If you are enthusiastic about photography, then you can use an expandable memory card to store and share data.

Battery Life

A good camera phone must be backed by a strong battery. Otherwise, the overall performance of the smartphone will be hampered significantly. We always recommend our readers to purchase phones driven by a strong battery. It will allow you to shoot longer videos with high graphical quality.

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Consumer preferences drive the entire smartphone market. For a long time, cameras have dominated the global mobile market. Today, we cannot imagine life without a camera phone. If you plan to purchase the best Camera phone under 10000you must follow the instructions carefully. There are plenty of good camera phones in the Indian market, which comes below 10000 INR. Choose wisely and enjoy unmatched video and selfie quality.  

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