What is POS?

A POA (Point of Sale) system is basically a place where the customer makes payment for the goods or services that he/she intends to buy. A POS system is all the time more interactive.  When a POS takes place, an order is placed and the bills regarding it are cleared. It is important for marketers to focus in points of sale, as these are the locations where the consumers have a tendency to to make a purchasing decision on products and services. A POS transaction can take place online or in person given the fact that receipts that are generated are either electronical or printed.

Understanding POS

There are four terms that one should know about:

  1. POS System: it is an overall of software and hardware system that is used for billing. A POS system most commonly contains: a display unit, a touchscreen/keyboard, a printer, a barcode scanner, cash register and a software interface.

2. POS Software: POS software is the one that runs a POS system. You can input the data about the products that you are selling, tally the order costs, and also transact financially. Different types of businesses have the need for different kinds of POS software.

3. POS Terminal: any device or a card reading machine that receives the payment for an order that was placed on the POS system is called a POS terminal. A POS terminal usually identifies all modes of payments.

4. POS Payments explained: a POS payment or purchase is the exact point in time when a monetary transaction takes place via a POS system

POS Financing

What is POS financing? Point-of-sale financing is a sort of customer credit that allows the purchaser to put on for a loan that can finance a specific purchase or consents the customer to purchase up to an established bounds with a single retailer that Is to be paid off over a period of time. These products are generally regarded as either open-end credit or closed-end credit. POS loans have been around for quite a long time now. POS financing has stretched out in recent times, due to technological developments that have made repayment options available directly online and via  mobile phones, providing very clear repayment terms in advance the loan is taken out.

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So, the question arises how can a customer interact with POS financing? Point-of-sale financing can be assimilated straight a way online into the merchant’s website checkout experience. The site can prompt the customers to apply for financing at any point in the online shopping experience.

POS Strategies to Boost Revenue and Increase Sales.

One can very significantly enhance ones business operation by incorporating POS strategies in it.  Here are some POS strategies that one can use:

  1. Optimizing inventory management:  Inventory management is not only helps to ensure if you have enough stock of goods to satisfy the demands of your customers, but also gives one profitable insights as to which products are in a higher demand by the customers so one can invest accordingly and maximize their sales. With the help of POS software, the store owners can control analytics to precisely categorize which products are selling and which products are not. The products that are not selling can be discounted for quicker selling.

2. Customer loyalty program: Loyal customers simply mean a steady flow of cash. So, creating a customer loyalty program for customers to keep coming back can give a great boost to your sales. A POS software development will allow you to bring together customer loyalty programs and track each member’s purchasing history, buying patterns and shopping preferences. This type of data also can be used to learn more about your customers to ultimately increase your sales and revenue.

3. Optimizing you point of purchase promotion: at point of sale, one of the essential is strategic product placement. Placing some products close to the point of sale influences and raises the spirits of the customers to buy products when they are about to pay or to wait in the line to make the payment for their purchase.

4. Increasing your in store sales: A POS system can generate precise reports that can be used to rejuvenate your products and generate more sales. Placing products strategically can also help influence purchase choices by drawing customers’ attention to specific items for more rapid selling.  A POS system will be of help to you for determining which products are normally purchased together. It will help you place the correct products together and boost your average business value.

5. Offering an all-in-one checkout experience: long waiting periods can make your customers turn to your competitors for a better experience.  Mobile POS can be used by retailers to serve their customers anywhere and anytime. It enables one’s staff to check inventory levels then and there and to serve customers anywhere in-store, and discover products immediately without showing them the way them to different counters. The outcome of this comes out to be: unified shopping, shorter waiting periods, and quick checkout. Having a quick and easy payment process is the best way to ensuring that your customers complete their purchase and keep coming back in future to your store for more purchases.

Benefits of using POS System

Here are some advantages of using a POS System Software:

  • A centralized catalog that is also digital
  • Simple set up if the cloud based system
  • Integration of in store and online sales channels
  • Dynamically updating and tracking your inventory
  • Seamless tracking of inventory across all channels
  • Collecting and managing the customer’s data
  • Option to assign your employee their roles and also to manage their data.


POS system is progressing with the changes in consumer behaviours. Amidst this rapid adoption of digital payments by the people, clearly a smart POS system product are increasingly emerging as a lifeline for merchants who are looking for economical ways for running their store tasks, reducing risk, increasing profitability. As this trend catches up, merchants have a lot to advantage from the modernizations that are happening in the POS space.