Residential & Commercial Surveying : The career paths for property professionals are vast and distinctive. Because of massive markets to explore and opportunities to progress onward, the roles and responsibilities of every job role often converge or at least it feels like that.

Particularly in terms of property, the job roles of professionals vary widely in residential and commercial sectors. Also, when it comes to commercial surveyors Birmingham and residential surveyors, the roles are often mistaken to be similar. However, there are key differences between the two positions.

Below we have enumerated the major differences between the two in order to understand the industry and make a better career decision.

Residential Surveying

Surveying for the residential sector involves visiting and inspecting the property for a single family. The report created after thorough survey details the overall condition of the property.

The residential surveyor would also offer recommendation to the client for the suitable steps to be undertaken for the property. First time buyers can really be benefitted from the services of a residential surveyor. Residential surveyors can also help you with property valuation.

Residential surveyors perform varied types of inspection on the property. Each survey conducted is based on distinct factors. One of the widely known factors is based on construction and age of the property. The previous works done on the property is also taken into consideration for specialized inspection.

Among survey reports prepared by a residential surveyor, the most popular survey reports are the RICS Building Surveys, the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Homebuyer report and others.

Commercial Surveying

On the contrary, commercial surveying includes attending and assessment of premises that are larger spaced which business owners use as hotel blocks, office space or retail property. The overall input and recommendations made by commercial surveyors are comparatively formal than the residential surveyors.

The commercial surveyors adopt a business oriented approach. Also, each survey conducted and reports prepared are completely based on the requirement of the client. For instance, a client looking for a way to dispose of their asset or renew the property lease.

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The most well-known reports prepared by commercial surveyors are commercial valuation, commercial building survey, etc.

Becoming a Chartered Surveyor

Becoming an accredited or chartered surveyor is important if you are looking forward to making a career in the surveying field. The most obvious way to become a validated surveyor in the property trade industry is through RICS.

Getting your qualification and completing your course will offer the aspirant professionals the scope to enter a distinct market. Additionally, getting an accreditation will also give you further information about the distinction between commercial surveying and residential surveying.


These are some major distinctions between residential and commercial surveyors Birmingham. If you are willing to take on this career path make sure to enroll in an accredited institution and become a chartered surveyor. For more information you can seek career counselling from a respective expert.

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