React has been a leading open-source platform for various front-end web developers across the globe. But, lemme stop you, before you say ReactJS is a JavaScript framework, it is not! React is a JavaScript library. It’s primary motive was to create User interfaces(UIs) and single-page applications. But now you can also build multi-page websites & mobile applications through React. 

Infact, this language holds about 90% of the web development share today.

Lot of mega businesses & websites use React as their front-end player. Yet, if you are still skeptical about ReactJS. Let’s dig deeper into the benefits of using ReactJS for web development. Here, I will cover some history & 10 major advantages of ReactJs for web development, that makes it super essential in today’s world. So, don’t get bored. Trust me, it gets exciting at the end.

Who Created ReactJS?

React was developed by a software engineer Jordan Walke who was working for Facebook at that time. The early prototype he created was entitled “FaxJS”. But, as a company, Facebook holds the credit for its creation. Unfair right!

Yet, Jordan can proudly claim that he ‘literally’ brought a great revolution in React development services. Now many companies and even upcoming startups are utilizing React JS for web development. Thanks to you Jordan! There is a long list of multinational companies who are based on ReactJS. Out of these, some of the giants are:

  • Facebook 
  • Netflix
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp
  • Airbnb
  • Storylens
  • Dropbox

The list goes on & on! But I hope you understood the point. ReactJS obviously has something great to offer. Its features & incredible codes are allowing all these popular platforms to fight ‘big-time’ over React Javascript library. But you must be wondering what are those features that make it so significant amongst React web development companies? Scroll further, and explore a brief list of top 10 advantages of using ReactJS for web development.

1. Offer Flexible Codes for Web Development 

ReactJS offers both JSX and JavaScript support for writing components of web applications. Although, JavaScript is utilized majorly. But, a combination of XML/HTML and React.js Code is offered by JSX. That makes it much easier for the developer to create a front-end platform in any territory.

2. Offer Time-efficient Rendering

Time efficient rendering

With the help of VDOM or Virtual-DOM ReactJS offers fast & effective solutions. Front-end developers using ReactJS for web development are always stress-free when it comes to compilation error issues. VDOM works in layers. Therefore the changes are even applied in layers. It allows you to acquire the fastest rendering result dodging long hours of compilation error removal. 

VDOM also updates necessary components instead of the whole program hence React is more time-efficient for developers with less work involved.

3. Offer Code Stability

React JS keeps the parent structure constant and applies changes only over the directed component. Therefore, you enjoy more stable codes in React web development services in contrast to any other library. Such stability is the major reason for many companies to use React for their mobile applications or website development. 

4. Offer Compatibility for both Web App & Mobile App

React Native which is also a popular derivative framework of ReactJS. Through react native cross-platform mobile applications are established. That means, you can build apps utilizing the same structure of codes that were once used for web app development. Isn’t this great? Such an incredible compatibility with both Android and iOS platforms makes it the first choice for any React web development company.

5. Offer Easy Learning Codes

Due to the presence of basic HTML and JavaScript components along with some substantial additions. ReactJS is super easy to learn. Out of curiosity, I even learned some of its codes while  writing this blog!  If I can do it, then you can do it too. If you are a beginner in ReactJS, I suggest you grab some knowledge about CSS and HTML. It will work wonders in your journey.

6. Offer Easy-to-Use Developer Toolset

React provides an extensive developer toolset. It is a major ease for professional front-end developers using React JS for web development. Being offered in the form of a browser extension which can be accessed on both Chrome and Firefox. This easy-to-access feature of React is one of the highlighted benefits of using ReactJs for web development. Moreover, the toolset & community support makes your development journey more easy & exciting with React JS.

7. Offer Reusable Components

Did you know that ReactJs developers can easily recycle or reuse the components multiple times? Yes, it is true. Instead of redundantly creating your own codes, you can just access shortcodes from the React libraries that other developers have built. No, it’s not plagiarizing, it is called prioritizing. You can use or even add them to your workflows, and proceed further with other complex coding. It saves a lot of time & makes coding easier.

8. Offer Global Community Debugging Support 

Global community debugging support

As we already know, React Library is supported by a social networking giant i.e. Facebook. Such a background ensures that ReactJs will always have a wide community of active users or developers. You can leverage this global network to ask for help anytime. Moreover, React libraries are also going through numerous changes everyday to provide, better user experience. 

You can reach out to the React community via a Chrome browser extension. In fact, you can debug the React applications within the browsers. I find this is the best benefit of using ReactJs for web development. It keeps the developer sane & supported all the time. 

9. Offer Easier Debugging

Well, from the previous point we already know where to ask for help for debugging the ReactJS applications. But ReactJS in itself makes the entire process of debugging a lot easier. Since it follows a system of unidirectional data flow, in which child components are nestled inside the parent components. Due to this, debugging and fixing the entire code become much more accessible. Developers can find errors in the apps at the exact moment they appear initially. It is the answer to why usage of ReactJs for web development is preferred over others.

10. Offer Easy Testing

If you are a developer, you already know there’s a huge difference in testing & debugging the code. Other UIs require browsers for testing the command. But React components can be quickly and easily tested through the node command-line. It is fast and allows you to test a considerable amount of suites at a time.

We all depend largely on digital websites and mobile applications for our day to day interactions. And, by far now you might know a large chunk of those applications rely on React JS for their functioning. Moreover, It wouldn’t be wrong to say everything is based on React.Js. It comprises all the interactive elements ranging from animated GIFs, pictures, slideshows, to instant messaging, you use regularly. Such a wide application, represents a high demand of ReactJs Development companies & its advantages for web development. Hope you are all set for using this Javascript library in your next project! Tell me in the comment section below which feature aided you a lot in the process of ReactJs web development.