Search engine optimization tools aren’t just for big businesses that have the time and money to put into platforms with the same brand recognition. Even the smallest companies can benefit from search engine optimization (SEO).

A simple optimization is also made possible by small business SEO solutions. This means that the more people that come to your website, the greater the chance of them becoming customers and increasing your revenue.

By utilising these SEO solutions for small enterprises, it is possible to maximise your time and resources.

Small businesses frequently have a limited budget, so we’ve included a large number of free tools so that you may optimise without going over your budget.

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The Best Free and Low-Cost SEO Tools for Small Businesses:

Using the Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a free SEO tool for small businesses with a memorable name that can do a basic audit on your website for free. However, most small businesses will find that the 500-page free limit is sufficient to cover their entire website.

This free application does a lot of things that can help you improve your site.

  • Link authority is lowered when there are broken links or server failures.
  • You can export the mistakes and remedy them using a redirect, ensuring that users are directed to the correct information.
  • To make certain that your redirects are as effective as possible, Screaming Frog will perform an assessment.
  • Searching for duplicate material, low-quality pages, and problems with titles and metadata is one of the primary functions of the crawler.
  • It is even capable of making an XML sitemap, which is perfect for demonstrating to search engines precisely what is offered on your website.

These are only a few of the many useful functions offered by this programme. If you haven’t done so already, do so now.

Google Analytics

We have nothing but praise for Google when it comes to free SEO tools for small businesses. Google Analytics is considered the gold standard among free metrics tools because it provides your company with data that can be utilised to monitor and optimise your SMB SEO.

Using Google Analytics’ goal setting feature, you can see how much organic traffic a page receives through SEO and how much of that traffic converts into other actions, such as visitors filling out a contact form on your site.

In the next section, we’ll discuss how you can sync Google Analytics with Google Search Console.

Google Search Console

Another free SEO tool, Google Search Console, can help you make the most of Google Analytics. For example, you can see what keywords people are using to reach your content and where that material ranks. When you get the data, you’ll be able to analyse how your keywords are doing compared to how people reach your site naturally. Then you may make the necessary adjustments.

List your business on Google My Business

Every small firm that cares about its performance in the local market absolutely needs to have this tool at its disposal. You can have your information displayed in Google maps and search queries when people start looking for information that is relevant to their local area by using the Google My Business tool, which allows you to put in your information and display it.

Insights from Google PageSpeed

Yes, there is another Google SEO tool available to you! PageSpeed Insights offers exactly what it promises, giving you statistics about how well your pages are responding on both mobile and desktop platforms. As an added bonus, it offers guidance on how to make a particular page better. This is important for SEO because no one will stay on a slow or buggy page. You need a well-functioning website if you want to convert your visitors.

Google’s Trends Reports

Using the search terms you choose in Google Trends, you can see what people are looking for. You can use it to uncover keywords that are likely to gain traction in the near future and jump on board before your competition does. As an alternative, you might seek for trends that are waning over time and switch to a different term.

SEO Quake

If you’re looking for a free SEO tool that can be used on the fly, look no further than SEO Quake. A browser extension, it provides real-time SEO information and auditing while you’re browsing the web. Using the in-browser setup, you can easily compare websites without having to deal with an application or an interface.

Small-Business Seo Tools That Cost Money:


SEMrush is the best all-around tool for search engine marketing tasks. It incorporates many of the characteristics of the other tools on our list, resulting in a platform that can perform analytics, market and advertising research, backlink analysis, and keyword research. In addition, SEMrush provides you with tools that make use of this data and assist you in locating keywords with lower levels of competition, creating statistics and analyses and even optimising your writing for SEO as you produce content.

As a general-purpose SEO tool for small businesses, SEMrush also excels at coordinating and monitoring specialised initiatives, such as competitor research, social media posting, and ad creation. With this tool, there isn’t much that it can’t do.


In terms of link building and backlinking, AHrefs is the best tool out there. This system is also an all-in-one toolkit, but it excels at linking.

It boasts the second-most active web crawler behind Google, which means that it provides the finest backlink databases in the business. This database contains over 19 trillion recognised links. Monitoring domain and page-level metrics, backlink profiles, and an exhaustive description of all outbound connections are just some of the tools available.

Using the broken link checker, you can easily fix any broken links, remove any dead internal links, and have your site crawled on a regular basis to look for any new dead links.

Keyword Tool

Utilizing Google Autocomplete to ascertain what customers are searching for depending on what genuine searchers want, Keyword Tool is ideal for discovering opportunities involving long-tail keyword phrases. Despite the fact that Keyword Tool has a free and a paid edition, the paid version on average provides twice as many keywords. Additionally, criteria like search volume, amount of competition, and cost per click can all be taken into account.

Mangools Suite

One of our favourite SEO tools is the Mangools Suite. It’s quite simple to use. As an example, using Mangools to analyse a competitor’s website can suffice for keyword research. In addition to the sophisticated SERPWatcher tools, Mangools allows you to analyse search engine results in over 52,000 locales. One robust method can mine competitors’ backlinks, verify a site’s SEO authority, and find the material that is most valuable.

Overall, this set of SEO tools is a terrific value for the money. It’s even better because the pricing can be scaled up or down. The free version works OK, but if you want more features, you can either pay for the basic paid version or upgrade to the premium or agency editions.


Backlink building and administration just got a whole lot easier with the launch of SEOJet. Creates a link map or backlink strategy for every page of your website to help guide your backlink-building efforts. Based on other top-ranking pages in your chosen key phrase, or all first-ranked pages in every category, you can set it up to imitate your own site. There is no need for you to make any guesses about the anchor text, linking strategy, or other factors that go into ranking a high-quality page in the SERPs.

This platform also tells you how to get those backlinks, with outreach tools and possible link partners arranged and ranked in an easy-to-navigate layout. An integrated and highly priced guest post service offers even more opportunities for those all-important backlinks to go.

SEOJet is jam-packed with useful features, and it does something no other SEO solution for small businesses has been able to do. It’s a good idea to take a closer check at your backlinks.

Answer The Public

Despite our best efforts, we can’t always predict what consumers want to know about our products and services. This is a list of questions that people have that are important to them, but they may not be able to express publicly. Your site will get a lot of visitors from these keywords.

Your customers’ thoughts are directly accessible through Answer the Public. Search engines’ autocomplete data is used to compile a list of related phrases and questions. By knowing what people are searching for, you may better target your advertising, SEO, and web efforts.

In the end, Answer the Public makes your business more relevant to the people who do business with you. By keeping an eye on how people are using your term and how the conversation changes, you’ll be able to stay on top of any changes. As you investigate the questions your clients ask, you may uncover new markets.