Technological developments are happening every day. It is creating new trends almost every year. Companies need to keep themselves up to date with all these web development trends, annually, if not they will fall behind their competitors and lose their grip on the tech market, as consumers also keep themselves updated with what is new, and whether the app or service they are using has incorporated these changes, as it highlights their ability to keep up with the changing market.

So what will be some of the web developments that will be trending in the year 2022, and beyond them? Let’s explore them:

1. PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

What is PWA? These apps are making websites more like mobile applications. Meaning, that when we surf the website, it feels like we are using mobile apps. Features like push notifications and offline access are some of the examples that give the websites the look of native apps. So what are some of the features of PWA? Installation, updating, and maintenance are seamless and smoother, less use of device storage and the battery gets less used up, and decreased developmental expenses among others. A website development company should focus on developing these apps.

Research is showing that in the coming year consumers are going to use their mobile far more often to meet their requirements. Since 5G data networks have already come to the market, it will make the user experience faster and smoother. So more and more people will be using websites through their mobile phones and in order to make their experience better, companies are using PWA more and more. Using progressive web apps also provides brands a number of benefits like maintenance are easier, flexibility, SEO advantages, and better security. So 2022 will definitely see an increased use of PWA trends which will continue in the coming years. Twitter incorporated Twitter Lite PWA in 2017.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP

Similar to PWA, AMP is one of those web development technologies that have become very popular in recent years. This project was initially announced by Google in 2015, and until 2021 it was new, but it has now become a part of Web Development trends, as more and more companies are incorporating its technology.

AMP was created so that websites could load smoothly, and fast, and start working instantaneously without any delay, across all types of mobile devices. These pages have been designed in such a way that they are simplified yet comprehensive. They incorporate all the features of a fully functioning website. This trend shows how user-centric web development technologies are becoming. Accelerated Web Pages have also started affecting the SEO ranking of websites.

3. Websites are adaptive to Smartphones

Increased use of mobile devices for almost all purposes has forced a website development company to make their website as compatible as possible. How compatible and adaptive webs and apps are to smartphones affect their ranking on search engines. So 2022 will see a rise in this trend because research is showing mobile phones will now become the one-stop technology, used for every purpose. Some tools commonly used by any website development company, to make websites mobile-friendly are- webflow, imagify, and origami studio among a few.

4. Voice Optimization

Research shows that by 2022, website development companies are using and will use more voice optimization. Increased use of voiceovers and adding them to apps and websites are an excellent way to stay ahead in SEO rankings and compete with other organizations. Voice-over optimization can be done in two ways. One is converting text to speech, which is called Speech synthesis. Another way to add voice is to add speech recognition. Speech recognition allows users to ask their devices about anything, and the device is able to convert the voice into text and answer the queries.

5. AI-powered Chatbots

These Chatbots are going to become more developed in 2022 and will continue to develop in the coming years. An AI-powered Chatbot helps meet its users’ requirements by matching their behaviors with the machine’s operation. When companies use AI Chatbots, they are providing their users with a smooth working experience. These Chatbots are able to pool information, fix the problems based on the knowledge gathered, and give prompt answers to their user’s queries. Major companies like Facebook and WhatsApp, are incorporating these Chatbots, and earning huge profits from them.

6. IoT (Internet of things)

The Internet has developed immensely since its origination in the 90s. It is still going through new developments each year. Adding the internet to technologies has made it more and more advanced, for example, Alexa can be connected to the Internet, and users can easily command Alexa to carry their requests. Another very popular IoT device is the Google Nest Smart Speaker.

IoT helps make the advanced connections between a device and the website layout. This connection allows users to carry out their requests through their devices conveniently. Moreover, it provides a lot of reliability and security as they can use the devices according to their convenience. The users can also link their security cameras, speakers, and sensors to the internet. A website development company that offers these services can make huge profits from such developments. Research is predicting that IoT will become one of the fastest web development technologies by 2030.

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7. API first development:

This approach helps developers to simultaneously do their tasks and as well as push back coding when any user accesses their website. It lowers the development costs of the website as well as increases the content delivery speed, allowing greater adaptability. Hence, it can be one of the web development trends in 2022.

8. Dark Mode

In the coming years, Dark Mode has become very popular. Regardless, all devices are getting installed in dark mode. It reduces eye strain, no use of harmful blue light, saves battery, and makes web surfing easier. Research has shared that over 80% of users prefer dark mode to light mode. Hence this development is going to continue to grow and become popular.

9. Single Page Application of SPA

As the name suggests, apps have only a single page that uploads and have all the contents on it. Users don’t have to jump or scroll to more pages. This development provides users with offline access, convenient navigation, and faster page loading. No wonder it is going to trend in the year 2022 and even beyond it.

10. Blockchain technology:

The invention of cryptocurrencies has brought to the forefront the use of blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies have become quite popular over the years with more than 80 million users. Hence, the year 2022 will see an increase in the use of blockchain technology.

11. Mobile centric development

As mentioned previously, the use of smartphones has increased tenfold. Nowadays users want every web development to be compatible with their smart devices. Mobile-centric development includes click orders on eCommerce websites like Amazon, biometric authentication like face scan and fingerprint authentication, and even voice recognition. So 2022 will see more such web developments that are mobile-centric.

12. Serverless connections

Lastly, another web trend that will see a rise in 2022 is serverless architecture. Consumers don’t want to be worried about constantly connecting their devices to servers.

Hence, the various web trends mentioned in the article can be seen in the year of 2022, from AI Chatbots to dark modes to serverless connections. Keep an eye out for these trends.