Seedbox: Torrent downloads are quite popular for downloading your favorite movies, games, etc. However, the downloads aren’t private and anyone is able to see what you are downloading. Now this can be risky, as if you are caught downloading copyrighted content, you could face fines, notices, or worse.

But there is a means to private torrenting. Not only that, but it can also help increase the process of downloading. And that method is to use a Seedbox.

What is a Seedbox?

A seed is really any user who uploads the complete copy of a file to generally share it with other users. Then you receive a bigger bandwidth for downloading and as an effect, you see faster packages in the event that you share files often.

However, it isn’t as easy to be a seeder as it sounds. A lot of your upstream bandwidth ends up being employed and sometimes, individuals download the file and then leave.

A Seedbox is a high-bandwidth remote (private) server that allows you to upload and download digital files at a rate that is phenomenal. Here are some great reasons why you should own a seedbox.

1. Save your Time and Bandwidth

Downloading huge files on your mobile phone is a pain. You not only have to overcome connectivity issues but also face low traffic.

And this is where you can be helped by a seedbox. You can download your required files and leave that to be finished while you travel if you own a Seedbox. After which later on, when you’re back, you need to just transfer the files without the need to be online and watch for the download to obtain completed.

So, you don’t have to stay online during the download that is entire will get work done into the meanwhile.

2. Save Your PC for Other Tasks

A lot of you could own a computer that can manage the 24-hour download but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t clog your system’s bandwidth.

A seedbox faces no such issues as it features a robust system and certainly will easily run 24*7 without needing to be turn off. So, you’ll download heavy files without damaging or overusing your system as well.

3. Bypass any Peer-to-Peer Downloads Prohibitions

Another reason to have a Seedbox is that numerous times, peer-to-peer downloads of torrent files are not permitted.

However, you don’t have to worry about such prohibitions anymore if you have a seedbox. You can utilize the Seedbox to download the file and then save them on your computer later on, whenever you can.

4. Become a VIP in Private Communities

Now, plenty of private communities only make you a VIP member of their community whenever you meet the ratio or standards. If you don’t fulfill the ratio, the communities can kick you out. To be able to take care of the ratio, you’ll need to keep seeding torrents.

With a Seedbox, you are able to keep seeding torrents to easily improve your ratio. Therefore, becoming a VIP member by owing a Seedbox is certainly easier.

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5. Preserve your Privacy and Anonymity

Everybody knows that the Internet has become a space where it is easy to determine who is download or uploading and what. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot sustain your privacy and anonymity while torrenting.

With a Seedbox, you have full control of your privacy as you are the only one with access to your files through your login account. That’s not totally all, a good-quality Seedbox offers you an OpenVPN feature that allows you to look at Web with encrypted connectivity.

These are the key advantages of owning a seedbox. If you are looking for quality seedbox services, you can always connect with us.

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