It’s hard to keep up with the torrent private community. From maintaining a good ratio to seeding quality torrents, it ain’t an easy task to accomplish. Plus, there’s always a threat of security and privacy of the torrenter. However, to every problem there is a perfect solution available and for relentless torrenting there is one solution which is a seedbox.

A seedbox is a remote hosting server that accelerates the download and upload speed of torrent files with its unfaltering bandwidth connectivity. Whether a user chooses for the best seedbox or even a cheap one, this server is loaded with features that makes torrenting experience smooth and easy.

Below we have listed some of the amazing features of seedbox which makes torrenting fast, easy and smooth. Continue to read till the end to learn more about it.

1. Super Speed

As soon as you start using this server, one of the great things is that you will no longer struggle with slow speed. Downloading or seeding of torrent files will take place smoothly with relentless speed once you start using this server while torrenting.

 Typically, installing and using this remote hosted server can provide a user up to 1Gbps of speed which is pretty incredible. You can download the large size files within a matter of a few minutes or so. Plus, there is no sign of bandwidth cupping that usually ceases your home network speed.

What are you waiting for? If you wish to experience unfaltering speed while seeding or downloading torrents then using a seedbox is must.

2. Complete Security & Privacy

One of the main issues of torrenting is the constant threat of the user’s security and privacy. A swarm of trackers are present online tracking your torrent activities, therefore, invading your privacy greatly.

Plus, there is always the struggle of exposing your home IP address to others putting your security at threat. But with this server’s amazing feature of masking your IP, you can now torrent freely as you remain completely anonymous.

Alternatively, using a seedbox comes along with personal log in account where you separately login and perform your torrent activities. Your activities of torrenting are not exposed to the trackers to see. Hence, keeping your security and privacy completely intact.

3. Perfect Ratio Maintenance

If you are one of those avid torrent users then you must know the value of maintaining a good ratio. As this would give them access to private communities and latest torrents online. But without the help of a seedbox one cannot maintain a perfect ratio.

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With the use of the super server there is no issue of upload traffic as the users get to seed their files remotely. Also, with the use of private trackers you get to download the torrent files easily and consecutively leave them on the server for seeding. You will be able to achieve perfect ratio maintenance with the help of a seedbox.

4. Extra Storage Space

Another great feature that makes the task of torrenting smooth for users with seedbox is the extra storage space. Users have the opportunity to save their torrent files right on their server itself as it comes along with disk storage space where you can save your files for later use.

Hence, you remain free from jamming up your personal system and instead use the server to save the files. Also, some seedboxes have the feature of streaming media files that allow the users to stream these saved files directly from the server. Hence, making the torrenting experience even more relentless.


The above enumerated are just some of the few amazing features that every seedbox has to offer. Whether you choose the best seedbox or even a cheap one, you are guaranteed to have a smooth torrenting experience with the use of the remote hosting server named seedbox.

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