When it comes to traveling overseas, the fear of scams or fraudulent activities sometimes prevents people from seeking assistance from an education or immigration advisor.

There are many misunderstandings regarding these consultants floating around the market, which leads to people applying for visas on their own, resulting in visa rejections.

As a result, this essay aims to identify such myths and then debunk them.

Myth 1: They’re Scammers. They’re Only Concerned In Making Money!

When it comes to conserving money, we have a bad habit of sacrificing quality. If you disagree, we just have one word for you: “Fess up!” That is something that most of us do! The same is true when it comes to choosing an immigration advisor. We like to hire someone who appears to be a government employee but isn’t. New Zealand immigration law is complicated, and obtaining a visa may be challenging. As a result, one must seek authorized and knowledgeable people about New Zealand immigration processes.

Myth 2: Anyone May Apply For A Visa! What Makes Them So Unique?

The complete immigration procedure is conducted precisely since a professional immigration advisor is registered with the relevant government. Because such people are familiar with all of New Zealand’s immigration laws and procedures, there is no space for mistakes or delays in visa processing. While the decision to hire or not hire a visa consultant is entirely yours, we’d like to point out that filing for a visa without their assistance increases the likelihood of visa refusal.

Myth 3: They’re Nothing More Than Glorified Career Counselors!

A widespread misconception about these agents is that they are nothing more than career consultants. You may indeed need the assistance of a counselor to help you determine your stronger areas and, as a result, the professional path you should pursue. While an immigration and education consultant would do just that, they would not do it on their own! There’s a lot more to what they do than that.

First and foremost, your job decision will always represent your key competencies. Second, they’ll ask you if you intend to stay in New Zealand and apply for permanent residency. If you say yes, they’ll have to look for course alternatives that match your skills and make sure you’re on the New Zealand PR course list for that year.

It’s a highly delicate procedure, and you can’t afford to make a mistake. When it comes to making your study abroad ambition a reality, an immigration adviser is your most valuable asset.

Myth 4: They Are Just Concerned With Migration And Not With Education!

It is a persistent myth.

But, thank goodness, it’s only a myth!

An honest immigration advisor would never use any tactics just to market his company. He cannot sell engineering degrees to students with a Commerce or Arts background, which are highly coveted in New Zealand. Rather, a skilled consultant would like to assess the student’s competency and then send them to New Zealand to follow a course of study that is appropriate for both their educational background and future goals.