Combination of lemon juice and cucumber is a healthy ingredient for health as well as for skin.  Cucumber and lemon juice benefits in summer hydrates and keeps body cool, while the mask of cucumber and lemon infuses freshness and glow to face.

Both cucumber and lemon are full of vitamin and antioxidant compounds which provide the benefit to health and skin. It depends on you how you want to use combination of cucumber and lemon. Add slice of cucumber and lemon to a simple glass of water to make it full of energy for amazing health benefits you add cucumber and lemon to a simple glass of water.

Cucumber and lemon juice benefits for Heath

Health care experts and nutritionist explain that diseases emerge when acid is more in the body. The diseases cannot emerge and thrive in alkaline body. One of the easiest ways to get alkaline body is drink cucumber and lemon juice. Not only juice keeps you fresh and rejuvenated, but it also restores the ph balance.

Clear Skin and stomach

Lemon Cucumber Water cleans digestive system by removing all toxins and promote a smooth bowel movement. A cucumber and lemon water in the morning helps to cleanse the body of toxins. The combined juice is also full of Vitamin C, silica and antioxidants, which perform the cleansing role for a human body. The vitamin C and antioxidants is an excellent immunity booster as they fight free radicals.

Get rid of constipation

Health care experts always believe that instead of using laxative, use cucumber and lemon juice. The juice acts as natural laxative and is light on bowel

Purifying liver

Citrus flavonoids of lemon stimulate and purify the liver.  It restores the health of the liver after heavy consumption of alcohol.  Instead of drinking plain water, add some lemon and cucumber juice to get essential minerals and vitamins for instant energy and refreshment.

During the summer months, just plain water may not restore the loss of vital minerals and vitamins through constant sweat. Cucumber and lemon juice replenishes the loss and keeps a body in optimal function mode. The necessary requirement of 8 glasses a day can be fulfilled by adding some lemon and cucumber juice in daily liquid need. The simple juice is also a big energy booster because of its vitamin C, potassium and phytonutrients compounds.

Maintain function of body at optimal level

The antioxidants in the cucumber and lemon juice help a body to function at optimal level. Lemon in mixed juice boosts digestion, and detoxification process. The daily consumption is enough to prevent swelling, inflammation, and water retention.   

Cucumber and lemon juice detoxify body by removing toxins through natural elimination process. The nutritionist working for online site say that cucumber and lemon juice has easily absorbed minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, which make it one of the healthiest drinks. It maintains your hydration levels on hot summer days. A man with full energy level gets easy stimulation for an erection, which is the first requirement, mentioned by doctors to get benefit of Cialis 60 mg online The dose has the longer impact period of 36 hours. The more energy a man has, the more hours he can use out of this long period.

Reduce weight with cucumber and lemon juice

The weight loss benefit of cucumber and lemon juice stems from their positive impact on digestion. A good digestion is first requirement of a weight loss program. It eliminates waste through natural process and keeps gut clean and healthy. An obese male is likely to develop erectile issues in the near future. Doctor checks the health status and recommends a sildenafil 150 mg to deal with erectile issue. The tablet boosts blood circulation by relaxing blood vessels for a period of 4-5 hours. A physical fit male will never face erectile dysfunction early in life.

What makes cucumber and lemon juice a perfect recipe for weight loss is that fact that the juice is low on calories. Health experts university of Rochester medical centre say that a liquid high in calories can disturb the whole weight loss program. The cucumber and lemon juice has the lowest calories among juices. In fact, 35 calories in one glass of juice are nothing compare to calories in juice of apple, orange, and pineapple.

Manage cholesterol issue with cucumber and lemon juice

Vitamin C in mixed juice of cucumber and lemon supports and boosts collagen product to make tissues strong. One cup of mixed juice has 30 milligrams of vitamin C. This mixed juice also helps body to process cholesterol. Cholesterol is one of the causes of male erectile dysfunction. Cholesterol formation reduces blood flow to cause erectile dysfunction. Doctors of prescribe 200 mg sildenafil citrate  to increase blood flow to overcome erectile issue. The oral medicine is swallowed with water just 60 minutes before planned session. The blood flow continues for next 5 hours to support the erection process.

The mixed cucumber and lemon juice cures artery diseases. Health experts recommend one glass of lemon and cucumber juice daily with man and woman with artery diseases.

Healthy bone tissues

Mixed cucumber and lemon juice has vitamin K, which is an important vitamin. This vitamin affects small blood cells, which help in control of bleeding.  Without vitamin K, blood clot formation, which prevents excess bleeding, is difficult to achieve.

Drink daily a glass of mixed cucumber and lemon juice for muscular growth and bone tissue health. One serving of mixed juice fulfills 13 micrograms of vitamin K need, which is around 11 percent of daily recommendation by health care experts.

Cucumber and lemon juice for a bright and glowing complexion 

Cucumber and lemon juice is added to face mask to heal, bright, and give a radiant look to the face skin. When cucumber and lemon juice is applied on face, neck and massaged gently it tones the skin and helps to deal with several skin issues.

Both cucumber and lemon are skin whitening and glow providing agents.  Mix juice is rich in citric acid, which removes dead cell and dry cells from the skin. It also lightens the skin pigmentation including areas around scares and marks.

The juice removes clogs by unclogging skin pores to prevent formation of acnes and pimples. Vitamin C in lemon is mixed with cucumber juice; it becomes a potent nutrient for bright and fair skin.  In addition to all these function, the juice also encourages growth of new cells by removing dead cells.

Removes excess oil from skin

Cucumber and lemon juice removes excess oil from face skin. This function prevents formation of pimples, acne, and growth of dead cells, as oil traps dirt, dust and environment impurities. The anti bacterial and anti microbial properties of the juice is enough to keep face skin clean, fresh and beautiful.

Improve skin health, make skin radiant and refresh with lemon and cucumber juice by direct application. So, cucumber and lemon juice benefits is one of the healthy options recommended by nutritionists to deal with health issues. It is easily available and one of the home remedies to improve skin health. A healthy male is less likely to face erection issues in adult life levitra 40 mg doses  cures erectile issue in just 30 minutes by encouraging blood flow in the body. It blood flow is maintained for 5 hours. Instead of increasing intake of alcohol and smoking, which cause erectile issue, drink cucumber and lemon juice benefits for a better health and glowing skin.

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