Menstrual Hygiene And Its Importance:

Menstrual hygiene is something that has been evolving around women in urban and even rural areas. Even though cloth has been common during our mom’s time period, today as technology evolves, things are changing and getting advanced at the same time too. Using clothes is something very dangerous when the procedure is not done in an hygienic manner. Sanitary pads are one of the most important hygiene to be followed during the menstrual time. The earliest disposable pads were made of cotton which is used by many people even today. But, people even now don’t know the seriousness and take it less seriously as they are so important to be considered thinking about health as a major factor. A sanitary napkin or menstrual pad is a pad that is worn during the menstrual days to absorb the blood flow and can help her carry out normal work without any discomfort.

Types Of Products Used During Menstrual Time:

There are different types of products used during the menstrual time period. Some of them are sanitary pads, menstrual cups, tampons, and many more. Each of them has its own set of positives and negatives. When someone is okay and gets attached to sanitary pads, it is hard for them to move to tampons or cups. The same happens in the case of others too. As it is important to use them, there are things to be considered in terms of hygiene like pre and post care. When you are using sanitary pads, there is not much pre care, but post care plays an important role in case of disposal. When it comes to menstrual cups, both pre and post care are important. Before using it is important to wash them and insert them carefully. Once after usage, since this is not a one-time-use product, you have to sterilise, dry and store them until the next usage.

Why Sanitary Pads Are Still Used By Many:

Sanitary pads are something that is used by the majority of people compared to other menstrual products. Since they are also one-time-usage products, there is very less spread of infections since other products need care during the pre and post usages. Here are some of the benefits of using sanitary pads:

  1. They are safer and keep you more safe and comfortable.
  2. It helps in preventing the flow and when the right size pad is used, there will be no strain and at the same time you don’t have to worry about them.
  3. They can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time.
  4. Low risk since it is one-time usage.
  5. Environmental friendly.
  6. Since the menstrual pad is one-time use, the infection spread is low compared to others.
  7. Extra large pads can be used for 8 hours in total.
  8. Easy to use since there is no insertion or removal process like cups or tampons.
  9. Even though your flow is very less, make sure to change your pad once every four to five hours.
  10. You have different options and varieties in size and material. You can choose based on convenience.

Sanitary Pad Disposal:

When you use a sanitary pad, it is important to dispose of them to keep the environment safe and clean. Whenever you use a pad, as much hygiene you check and maintain during use, the same amount of importance should be given at the time of disposal too. Some of the mistakes we all do with or without knowing is flushing them down the toilet. This is very bad and should not be done in any kind of situation. When you dispose of it in that way, the drainage gets clogged and there will be a lot of issues in the toilet. The next person who is using the toilet, will be prone to infections and water lushing will be reduced because they will clog the drainage path. In the initial days, people used to burn the pads. This is also something that should be totally avoided since burning could lead to emitting various harmful toxins, and intake of that air could cause many harmful effects to our body.

Here are a few ways of disposing of sanitary pads:

  1. If you are changing your pad, then dispose of the previous pad with the wrap of the new pad. Also try to hide the blood strains while you are disposing.
  2. If you are on your last days of period, then take toilet paper, wrap it around your pads and then dispose of it in the dustbin.
  3. There are also sanitary pads disposal bags, which is a boon during these days. Get the super cool bags and carry them.
  4. Even though you wrap them, make sure to put them in the trash cans so that they are not going around spreading in the air.
  5. While using public toilets, make sure that you dispose of them using sanitary pads disposal bags wrapped in covers or sanitary bags.

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