It is challenging to work with a PDF if you cannot edit it. However, this is not something to stress you. UPDF is a free PDF editor tool that lets you read, annotate, edit and organize PDF documents. A fast and accurate PDF editor on an easy-to-use interface. Hence, you can work on documents more effectively – the final word in PDF file editing for Windows and Mac. No learning curve is involved since it is easy to use. It supports both Windows and Mac systems.

Free PDF Editor in 2022

Features of the UPDF:

There are a lot of PDF editors online and offline. For example, Nitro PDF is famous among many users. But it is very expensive and personal users can’t afford it. UPDF is the best free PDF editor for you. Here are three key features of UPDF.

1. Edit PDF Text and Image for Free

Individuals, as well as organizations, widely use the PDF format. The major challenge is you cannot edit it. No worries-UPDF will work for you. Its free PDF editor tools include: adding content to PDFs like images, text, markups, etc. UPDF also allows you to move, modify, delete, insert, copy and paste existing content, including photos and text.

You can also control font parameters: color, size, style, type, alignment, formatting, etc.


2. View and Annotate PDF Documents

UPDF allows you to open, view and read PDF documents. You can add and manage bookmarks for easy navigation. UPDF provides functionality to add text markups for reviewing the PDFs using strikethrough, underline, highlight, etc. You can highlight text in PDF easily with UPDF.

Also, you can place arrows, draw lines, rectangles or circles to highlight important stuff on your document, or even create small schematic drawings. In addition, UPDF also supports a tabbed view to open and view multiple PDFs.

UPDF also features ample commenting tools: typewriter, sticky note, text box, shapes, stamps, and e-signature. Users can lock annotations to prevent them from being accidentally moved or deleted. If you wish, you may unlock them again at any time. If you wish, you may unlock them again at any time.

PDF Documents

3. Organize PDF Pages

With UPDF, you can reorder, delete, and extract PDF pages, among other options. You can select one or more pages and then create a new document that contains only those pages. Many other features are available, including the ability to rotate a PDF page, zoom out and zoom in, and control page ranges when editing files (odd, even, landscape, portrait).


UPDF is a user-friendly and free PDF editing software you can use on Windows and Mac systems. The tool allows you to view, edit, annotate and organize multiple PDF documents. Its simple interface makes it easy to learn and use, even for those using it for the first time. So, if you deal with a lot of files in your office, this is a perfect time saver for you.

UPDF will add more robust features in future, such as OCR, PDF conversion, create and fill PDF forms, sign PDF tools.

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