Vacation is another name for enjoying the luxurious services of a resort or a hotel that you are staying in. It is that time of the year when you can relax with your family. You have nothing to do, except to enjoy your days and your favourite cooked meals that the resort offers. The main reason why people look forward to vacations is that they want to take a break from their chaotic routine. The house chores, the factory work, taking care of every little thing at home and much more is a part of our daily lives. But to keep such things going, we need a few rest intervals in between which will help us to get back on track with full enthusiasm. The Leela goa – the master resort is one such resort that promises you the best quality time with your loved ones. Their services are regarded as one of the best A-class services. They treat their visitors like one of their own. Also, the set of luxurious services that they offer will make you feel pampered throughout your vacation time. A classy resort is defined by the services that it offers.

Let us know about certain luxurious services that people look for when they are on a vacation in detail, have a look:- 

1. Spa and massage services

Vacation in simple terms refers to enjoying and pampering yourself with the best services. The spa is said to be one such pampering method through which your body feels so relaxed. The massage services stand parallel to the spa services. People usually take spa services for their head and hair, all your tiredness goes away once you have taken a spa session. The massage services will offer you a full body massage and will help you to feel so light. Your body will feel so good. People generally feel tired after travelling for hours and it is very common for them to ask for spa or massage services. Such services are regarded as luxurious services. The resort should take care of every little need of their visitors. 

2. Private Beach services 

Another important luxurious service that people look for in their staycation is a private beach service. Nowadays, it is very common for every resort to have a private beach with every set of rooms. With private beach service being offered to people comes certain expectations from the visitor’s side. They want that their favourite food should be served while they are enjoying the pool. Food is the major source of enjoyment for certain people. They want a hot bath massage as soon as they come out of the beach and also their favourite drinks should be served. Instead of visiting the public beach, people love to spend leisure time with their friends or family members on a private beach. Also, keeping in mind the safety and hygienic measures, people avoid visiting public beaches. 

3. Meditation or gym centres

Almost every resort has a gym section now. The resorts and hotel staff have understood the importance of maintaining health. People don’t skip their gym routines at any cost even when they are out on a vacation. By providing such fitness freak people with the availability of gym types of equipment, they will come running to the resorts. While the gym section is common, the meditation centres are very unique these days. Not every hotel or resort offers such services. People won’t ask for such services in particular but if the hotel is providing such services, it will add as a point of attraction and people will enjoy such activities with their whole heart. It is important to note that many people love meditation when they are out on a vacation.

4. Conference or business meeting room

Certain people can never get an off from their work. They have to take and attend meetings everywhere. For such people, and availability of a conference room would serve as a major key highlight. Not every person who visits the resorts comes for a staycation. Some people visit resorts because of their business purpose. They need to have a formal business meeting aura and space to conduct high-profile business meetings. Otherwise, their impression can go wrong and their market image can be destroyed.

5. Sanitisers installed

People are very particular about their hygiene nowadays. After the pandemic has hit all of us, we have become all the more conscious about every little thing that surrounds us. While we are on a vacation, we know that we are in a public place and we have to take even more care of ourselves and our family members. Sanitisers being installed at the resort premises would offer a complete disinfectant aura to the visitors. Not only the visitors will feel good about it but it would create an extraordinary image of the resort in their minds as they would discover the fact that the hotel staff is very concerned about their visitors. The most common factor that attracts any visitor is the hygiene and cleanliness of a place. Sanitisers are one of the best techniques to be implied at such places.

6. Temperature manager

If we are visiting a hot and humid place, the hotel staff must keep the temperature of our hotel room to be on the cooler side. There are temperature managers installed in every room that is controlled by the hotel staff or are automatic through which the temperature of every room can be maintained. Such temperature managers are considered to be a blessing in the temperature swings or variations. They will constantly determine the little changes in the temperature and will set the temperature of the room accordingly.

So, the above-listed points are some of the luxurious factors that people look for while they are on a staycation. It is the duty and responsibility of the hotel staff to look for every little need of their visitors. The visitors should go back home with satisfaction. It will help the hotel staff to maintain links with their potential customers and add new customers to their list.