A holiday is a time where you can rest your body and your mind from the hectic situations of daily life activities. You deserve a day to a few days of free time to escape from your busy schedule in order to keep you well-balanced and maintain your mental health. A place where you can find anything to make you feel more energized and cost less is Singapore.

Singapore is a country in Southeast Asia where you can literally do anything here. People with different cultures? Crosscheck. Various delicious dishes around the world? Crosscheck. Amazing tourist destinations both indoor and outdoor, or even kids and family-friendly? Crosscheck. Therefore, no wonder you can easily stay in accommodation around Singapore, such as a hotel near Farrer Park hotel, a public facility you can enjoy as tourists during your time in Singapore.

However, have you ever realized going to Singapore alone or only with your partner has a very different preparation compared to going to Singapore with a baby? If you are a mom or a dad of a baby, there are some things you need to take care of, in order to make your baby become more relaxed and enjoy their holiday in Singapore. Check these out!

1. Bring Your Baby’s Clothes More During Holiday

As we all know, babies get more laundry than we as adults did. Not only while they are at home, but also during the vacation or holiday time. Some people do not realize this small yet important thing. As a result, during their free time, they have to spare some time to get more clothes for their baby which actually can be used to visit other destinations.

To make it easier, don’t forget to separate your baby’s needs into another bag, so whenever or wherever something urgent happens, you can easily take your baby’s things with you.

2. Choose Kids Friendly Hotel

Other important tips you need to know, choose a hotel that is kids friendly during your time in Singapore. Especially if you have a toddler with you. A kids-friendly hotel usually has its own playground for the toddler guests so they don’t feel bored during their stay.

Of course, your kids will feel happy and don’t get bored easily during their stay even though it is a place they have never seen before. One of the hotel’s recommendations that is kids-friendly is Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore.

This hotel is located at 6 Shenton Way, OUE Downtown 1, Shenton Way, Central Business District, Singapore, 068809.

3. Book Your Flight Early in The Morning

Choosing the earlier flight in the day could help you as a parent when you are going somewhere with children. It is because the flight usually has fewer passengers and at the airport, it won’t be as busy as it is during the day.

Not only that, usually your children might feel sleepy and sleep easily, so it could help you as a parent to get a better rest even with your kids.

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