Website crashes refer to a website condition in which your websites are unavailable and do not provide services and data to the users. These crashes are the reason people avoid visiting your websites, thus reducing the traffic and the website optimization.

You must keep your websites away from these crashes and issues to make sure there is enough traffic on the website to ensure they stay alive. A crashed website will bring no value and revenue to a business as it is one of the effective means for businesses to communicate with their clients and customers. Go for all the possible and effective solutions to minimize these issues, and one of the best ones is to choose a suitable and secure host.

Dig deeper into this article to get familiar with the types of website crashes and errors that are a must to avoid for increasing website availability.

Top 6 Types of Website Crashes and Errors You Need To Know

A website crash always brings destruction and damages to businesses owning the website, and it takes a lot of time and effort to recover from these website failures. This is why you must opt for every possible way to ensure your websites are safe and not face crashes.

Following are some common website crashes and errors that are a must to avoid for increased website uptime.

1. Hosting errors

Hosting server crashes are the biggest trouble makers for any type of website, and these types of errors and crashes increase website downtime for too long. In order to keep your websites safe from such crashes and failures, you need to make sure the hosting server is safe and secure. Unsecure and threat-prone hosts are more likely to bring HTTP and 502 errors to the websites. Many website owners, to avoid such crashes and issues, consider the UAE hosting services and ensure the safety and smooth working of the website.

2. Domain name crashes

Another reason your website may not be available to the users or it may crash at the very point is domain name errors and crashes. The major reason for such domain name errors is the domain name is not renewed and is old. The domain name you have registered for your website must be renewed; otherwise, the website will no longer be available for the users. The user may keep trying to access the website using the domain, but due to outdated domains, they might show page not found errors.

3. Cyber attacks

Cyber-attacks are among the foremost and prominent reasons your website crashes or is unavailable for users accessing it. You need to know that there are a number of hackers out there who try hacking websites for several reasons. In such situations, your website could also get under attack, and these attacks restrict the website traffic from accessing the website. To avoid these increased cyber-attacks, you need to make sure the hosting plan you have opted for provides security updates besides creating website backups for recovery.

4. Code crashes and errors

There are times when you have to make certain changes to the existing code, and during these changes, you might mess up. Not having familiarity with the code and how to make changes without affecting the whole website is crucial. If you want to avoid such website crashes and failures, you need to make sure that you have expert developers to do the job for you. Having such crashes could become highly problematic, especially when you do not have a website backup.

5. Plugin errors

Every website uses plugins of different types, and these plugins are always provided by a third party. Adding these plugins to your website is important because they provide extra functionality to your website. These plugins ensure that the users enjoy using your websites by providing extra facilities and features. But adding these plugins to your website also brings a lot of issues and problems, mostly resulting in website crashes. Unsecure plugins from a third party are the reasons your website may also face the consequences.

6. Traffic spike crashes

A sudden increase in website traffic is also one of the reasons for website crashes, and these issues make your website unavailable and unresponsive. This increase in website traffic must not become a problem or source of website crash if your web host can bear the burden. The incapability of the host is the reason for web traffic crashes, and you always have the option to avoid these issues. You can hire the UAE hosting services to ensure your hosting server provides enough resources and bandwidth to deal with this traffic without making websites crash.

Keep your websites safe from these issues!

If you want to keep your websites safe from all these types of website crashes, then you have to think of a solution that resolves all these issues. One of the best solutions for all these problems is having a suitable, secure, and affordable web host. So, make sure to reach out to the best and most secure VPS hosting services to ensure your websites do not suffer from crashes.