Nowadays, call center software has become an essential communication tool for almost every industry. An inbound call center software with various advanced features allows users to communicate flawlessly via the internet. It not only streamlines the communication process but also enhances the productivity of the call center agents. Irrespective of the business’s size, a call center solution allows comprehensive management of all business phone calls. It automates the entire communication system including call transferring and responding to incoming calls. With the help of this solution, customers can easily reach businesses and vice versa.

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Though a number of industries are benefiting from the usage of call center software, Healthcare is one such industry that is experiencing a great enhancement in its services with the help of call center solutions. Healthcare organizations usually need to attend a huge volume of calls while meeting patient’s or caller’s expectations for superior services. It is important for them to provide timely and reliable information to their customers to assure an effective health care facility.

Features of Call Center Solution

Some of the key features of call center solution include:

  • Live Call Transfer
  • Call Recording
  • Call Queuing
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR), etc.

The features like multi-level IVR system allows healthcare providers to create customized messages for customers. Using this system, notifications can be sent to the customers with key details like their name, doctor’s name, appointment date and time, and more with the help of text-to-speech capabilities. The system is also helpful in automating inbound and outbound surveys and to handling complex call routing.

Types of Call Center Dialers for Flawless & Smooth Handling of Communication in the Healthcare Industry

Call center solution provides various advanced dialers to automate the entire communication system and help healthcare organizations in saving a lot of their time and effort while assuring superior patient experience. Some of the most popular types of dialers are mentioned below:

  • Auto Dialer: An auto dialer is an advanced dialing system that automatically dials the customer’s numbers and delivers important messages or information via an automated message. It can also be used to connect the customer to an available agent once the call has been answered by the customer. Healthcare providers can benefit from this auto dialer in several ways. It can be used to send auto-reminders regarding important appointments and to provide helpful information to the patients. Healthcare providers can utilize this tool to conduct surveys related to customer satisfaction levels so that they can deliver a more satisfying experience to the customers. Auto dialers are an excellent way to mobilize agents for medical emergencies. As the system can be updated with contacts, the auto dialer can immediately connect the patients to volunteers quickly and effectively.
  • Predictive Dialer: Predictive dialer is another important auto dialer system that is used to maximize or optimize the agent’s time on the phone by connecting them with live voices only. Based on the agent’s availability and average talk time per call, the dialer sends out phone calls on various lines. The predictive dialer is smart enough to differentiate between busy signals, wrong phone numbers, no answers, answering machines, DND numbers, and actual live responses. The system then routes the call answered by an individual to the available agent. As agents can spend the majority of their standard work hours talking with patients instead of wasting time with unproductive calls, the system helps to enhance the agent’s efficiency and productivity to a great extent.
  • Preview Dialer: Preview dialer is another advanced call center system that allows agents to preview all the key details and history of patients before placing the call. A preview dialer is very helpful in situations where the healthcare providers want to go through some important details regarding the patient. This allows them to send important reminders, reports, or other key details related to their health. This also allows agents to send more personalized information and details including the patient’s name, appointment details, reports, doctor’s name, and other details. It can also be used for follow-up purposes. In all, preview dialers are a perfect option where healthcare providers are required to handle sensitive details or complex patient situations.
  • Progressive Dialer: Progressive dialer, also known as a power dialer, helps in eliminating the time wasted between dialing each number. It automates the calling process and dials a set of numbers from the contact list and connects the call to the available agents as soon as the previous call is over. The system can be helpful for performing surveys related to healthcare services so that the right strategies can be implemented to improve the patient’s experience.


So, these are some of the widely used and most preferred call center software dialer systems that allow healthcare organizations to automate their entire communication system and deliver exceptional customer experience.


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