Bengali Lunch Menu is an emotion for the Bengali people. Which means every part of the day has the wonders from the varied Bong cuisine. The Catering services in Kolkata have their unique way of letting each menu be special according to the occasion that is called for. But few dishes have to be there, irrespective of the event. Here, they go!

1. Obviously Salt and lemon

This has nothing to do with the rest of the meal. But a piece of lemon and a pinch of salt is left by the side just to accentuate individual taste needs. Some people like it more salty whereas some like to have a sour taste alongside.

2. Hot steamed rice

Steamed rice can never go wrong. Unless someone cooks it on high flame. The catering services do make it as a compulsory main course dish. Here, the plain white rice is meant to be served beside other dishes.

3. Spinach Fry or Lentil nuggets are an emotion

Laal Saag or Red Spinach, is deep fried in mustard oil and left with freshly cooked peanuts. This is either left as a palate cleanser, or to be served beside dal. If not saag fry, then “Bori Bhaja”. Bori is a simple nugget, made out of lentils or pulses.

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4. Eggplant fritter or just a Fish chop

Eggplant or Brinjal, is deep-fried after getting dipped into the batter of chickpeas or gram flour. This is called Beguni, by the catering services. Which is everyone’s favorite as a vegetarian dish in bengali lunch menu. Besides this there you get to taste fish chop as a non-vegetarian option.

5. Good old “Moong dal”

Who is not in love with the taste of Moong dal? This has a typical recipe followed by almost all the catering services. Where, the dal is cooked with turmeric, and Hing.

6. Just try the wonder of “Aloo Posto”

Aloo Posto is an emotion for almost everyone. People fond of having begali food, might have tried at least once.

7. Dive into the freshly made “Jhuri-Jhuri Aloo Bhaja”

This is something that is deliberately served beside Dal and Posto. The catering services in Kolkata, never miss this wonderful concoction of Potato.

8. Ofcourse, one rice is not enough- Basanti Pulao

One rice dish is never enough for the bongs, this is what needs to be there at every event. Good old basmati rice, cooked like Pulao, and served with other Bong wonders.

9. Benagli and their love for “Kasha Mangsho”

Well this Kasha Mangsho is basically either Mutton curry or Chicken Curry. But to be honest the bengali people usually demand Mutton for the catering services. Which is a really popular choice.

10. Macher Kalia, Chingri Macher Malai Kari or Channar Dalna as an alternative

Fish is a compulsory attribute for any bengali lunch menu. This has to be there without a doubt. Macher kalia, is a curry made out of Rohu, Hilsa or any other fish. Whereas, the Chingri Macher malai kari, is made from the wonders of Prawns, Shimps, Lobster or monster shrimps. As an alternative the bongs get to have their favorite homemade cottage cheese balls, served as Channar Dalna.

11. The sweetness of Chutney, combined with Papad Fry

Chutney and Papad is a match made in Heaven. The chutney made by the catering services, has to be seasonal. Like Tomato, and dates during the winter. Whereas, unripe mango during the Summers.

12. Rosogolla is a compulsion or a Sandesh

We know Bengalis, for their love toward Rosogolla. Here, it is another companion named Sandesh. Which is made even better with Nolen Gur, during the winters.

13. Payesh or Misti Dahi

Payesh is just Kheer, which is a compulsory dish for the rice ceremony. Whereas, Misti Dahi is a bong speciality. That none of the catering services miss.

14. End it with a Paan

Paan or Betel leaf,is a combination that is served at the end of any meal. This is probably the cherry on the cake, which completes the entire meal.

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