Avocado toast is one of the staple foods and almost everyone loves this. You can never get enough of an avocado toast and there are a plethora of recipes out there that are quite simple and can provide you with the best experience of avocado toast. This avocado toast is tasty and also healthy in its essence since it is made with all-natural ingredients and no added fats.

There are many recipes that are simple and effortless which can provide you with a healthy breakfast. However, there are also some fancy versions of the avocado toast which are topped with truffles lobster and even gold flakes which are utterly unnecessary and will not provide you with any health benefit whatsoever. In this article, we provide the easiest and the best method for preparing avocado toast for a wholesome breakfast. This recipe is quite easy to memorize since it is quite simple to make and will provide you with the best experience of a wholesome breakfast.

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List of ingredients that you will need

Preparing an avocado toast in Montreal is quite easy but there are certain ingredients that you need to compile before preparing the toast. Below is a list of items and ingredients that you would need to prepare the best combination of avocado toast that you have ever tasted for your breakfast:

  • Small avocado which is fresh and wholesome
  • You will also need half a teaspoon of lemon juice which needs to be fresh and also should be natural and not artificial.
  • Kosher salt will be the best combination for this type of avocado toast and therefore you will need a one-eighth spoon of Kosher salt
  • you will need some fine and freshly ground black pepper is for this procedure as well as about a pinch which is roughly one eighth
  • you will need slices of bread which need to be prepared from whole grain and also should be toasted beforehand
  • you will also need half a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil which will provide the extra health benefit for the avocado toast you are preparing
  • you might choose the toppings for yourself and this can include Red pepper flakes, chili flakes, oregano or even sea salt flakes

Steps to make the best avocado toast for your breakfast

  1. The first step will be to toast your bread until it is brown and is quite hard and rigid. This will act as the base for the avocado toast and will also provide a very crunchy taste to the soft fillings that will be present inside.
  2. Next, you need to take a bowl and mix all the avocado, salt, lemon juice and pepper. You need to use a fork for mashing up all the ingredients and mixing them properly until you form a very clear paste out of the same.
  3. In the final step, you need to place the paste of avocado and lime juice that you have prepared in the second step and top it inside the bread slices which you have freshly toasted. Use the extra virgin olive oil to drizzle it over the toasted bread and then sprinkle over your desired toppings.

With these three simple steps, you have now prepared the best and most healthy breakfast to kick starts your day. It is always best to use the highest quality of the ingredients for this avocado toast and not use any leftover materials. Avocado toast will taste best if the proper quality of extra virgin olive oil is maintained or it might produce a very stingy smell that comes from olive oil. Moreover, the whole bread is to be used in this case in order to best absorb all the ingredients and provide the best combination of toast. Later enjoy it with the desired level of toppings that you would require in these situations. You can go with simple chili flakes and sea salt flakes or you can go exclusives with the usage of lobsters and prawns as a topping for your toast in Montreal.

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