In this year, you have committed yourself to stay fit but covid-19 lockdown preventing us to visiting the gym so we are struggling to get physically active. That’s reason; we get the tips from the expert how to keep fit you when you are at indoors. These tips are covered all standard home workout ideas and help you to follow it in your daily activity and stay fit yourself all the year.

Voga Workout

Voga is a mixing yoga activity and become popular activities between youngsters. Voga is a very powerful workout inspired by yoga, dance and fashion. Voga can help to improve your posture, confidence and keep you healthy all the year. You can join online Voga session if it’s new workout for you. You can add some music and atmosphere to get inspire for yourself for this session.  

K- Kardio

K-Pop is a popular music that was originating from the South Korea. The music melodies of K-Pop get your head stuck and protect you from hypertension for short time. These tunes help you to focus on your house work without feel any tiredness. You can also choose your favorite music if you don’t like any pop music.

 Use smart speaker

You can use smart speaker voice command device integration with a virtual assistant that can play your favorite music. It will also help you to find all the questions answer. You can use google home and Amazon alexa smart speaker options for their fitness related integration. Apart from that, these speakers have more options like reminder, trimmer and voice command controls during the workout.

Switch in Virtual Reality Headsets

Why not try Virtual Reality (VR)? This technology helps you to connect you with the virtual world and explore new things just wearing the headsets. VR can be a surprising physical activity and you can choose any virtual game to enjoy this physical exercise. This type exercise helps you to entertain you during the lockdown and give you amazing action experience.


If you want a free mind then you have to involve yourself on the house work. It can help you to burn lots of calories. The activity of swapping, dusting, vacuuming and mopping helps to keep your arm shapely and improve your flexibility of your body. There are many research shows, if you planting trees on your garden for just half an hour can help to burn more than 243 calories. So if you feel the stressed or de-energized, take a vacuum cleaner around every corner of your room and take a visit to your garden.

Invest in walking desk

Sitting all the day in the front of PC can create lots of health issue in your body like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity. If you have send more than a few hours on the setting desk then active lifestyle may be helpful especially if you find to take a short break from your work. You can consider a walking desk for your work or you can walk when you are talk on the phone call.

Fitness Video

Many of us think about the home workout then we talk about fitness video of popular vloggers and fitness experts. But why not you make a video yourself workout? This will helps you to examine your body posture and position during the time workout. Once you have correct all these things then you can ready to teach your friends and colleagues. You don’t know this hobby may become a good source of revenue. You can makes a video for YouTube and guide other how they can do all these exercise in a fun ways.


Staying physically active is very important to maintain a good healthy lifestyle. These exercises will help to keep you mentally and physically strong. So, you can add all these activities in your daily workout routine keep yourself fit and active. Apart from that, you can also do other fitness workout if follow any for a long time in your daily routine.

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