Increasing competition in the market has led to businesses coming up with new ways to promote their brands. Digital marketing has immensely gained popularity over traditional marketing. But with most brands using agile digital marketing campaigns, businesses needed to refine their strategies and procedures to derive the expected results. 

This led to the concept of agile marketing. It has been derived from the agile methodology used in software development. Agile marketing aims to complete the project in less time without compromising on quality. The best digital marketing agency streamlines the workflow to ensure that the results are achieved through increased collaboration and efficiency of the experts involved. 

Sprints are an integral part of agile methodology. A sprint is a short period during which the team has to complete a particular task. The entire campaign is divided into smaller tasks. The tasks are arranged in order. 

The team then aims to complete the individual tasks within the stipulated time. Scrums (short meetings) between team members are conducted frequently (either daily or weekly) so that everyone knows where things stand.  

Agile digital marketing can:

  • Increase the delivery rate 
  • Increase project visibility 
  • Increase team productivity 
  • Improve collaboration and communication 
  • Help adjust and change marketing priorities 
  • Enhance customer satisfaction 

An SEO agency that follows agile digital marketing is more likely to help businesses be prepared to tackle the sudden changes in the market. For example, the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 has pushed more businesses to adopt agile marketing. It allows the brands to be better equipped to deal with the crisis and be ready to face future challenges.  

The three main aspects that a business should consider are:

  1. Customer’s needs and behaviour patterns
  2. Identifying the right communication channels 
  3. Ability to test and launch new products/ services in a quick time 

We live in a customer-centric world. Ignoring the customers’ emotions and tastes will lead to losses, no matter how effectively you plan your marketing campaigns. The products/ services you offer, the core values of the business, and the marketing strategies should be aligned in a better way. They should complement and highlight each other. 

The best digital marketing agency has listed a few agile digital marketing principles one needs to follow to ensure customer satisfaction.

Accepting Changes

The core of agile digital marketing is flexibility and willingness to change. The term “agile” denotes the ability to move quickly. Remember that marketing campaigns are dynamic and are subject to change. If a strategy is not giving results, it has to be changed without any second thoughts. 

Keep Experimentin

Customers want something new and innovative from brands. While familiar is like comfort food or a favourite blanket, businesses also need to keep offering new products/ services to survive the competition. The same goes for digital marketing strategies

For example, if the Facebook ad is not getting enough hits, there’s no point in running it any longer. Keep track of the analytics to see what’s wrong, make the necessary changes and start the ad campaign again. Repeat until you get the expected results. Make the most of new ideas to attract customers. 

Continuous Communication 

The success of an SEO agency depends on how well the team communicates internally and externally. The same applies to your marketing teams as well. When the team members share regular updates, it helps them stay on track and maintain the sync in their work. Imagine a product launch in a day and the content is still not ready. Continuous communication prevents such mix-ups. 

Constant Feedback 

Another principle of agile marketing is feedback. Whether it is from team members, senior officials or beta users, it is necessary to take feedback. This helps us understand the strengths and weaknesses of the digital marketing campaign. It helps find ways to avoid mistakes and overcome challenges effectively. 

Learn and Improve 

Agile marketing involves continuous processing of learning and improving. When the team takes feedback and fine-tunes a marketing campaign, it is an indication that the members are learning to develop better and effective strategies. 

At the same time, it is necessary to stay updated about the latest changes and trends in the market. Learning the subject, joining a course and getting a certificate are also a part of agile marketing. 

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Know the Customer 

In today’s world where customers are not hesitant to reward or punish a brand for its ideology, business practices, marketing strategies, etc., the brands need to understand what their target audiences want and find ways to provide them with the same. Be it sustainability and transparency or social responsibility, customers want more from a business than just a product or service. 


Be flexible, scalable, open to change, ready to accept and implement feedback and show the target audience that their opinions and needs matter. Many brands have already adopted agile digital marketing. It’s time to embrace the new. 


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