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Fleece blankets have become very popular over the past few years as gifts and there are numerous explanations for this, including; their softness, high insulation worth and the gift giver does not have to worry about getting the wrong size! In addition to being inexpensive and they can easily be personalized with embroidery.

Fleece blankets are also known as “fleece throws” or “fleece throw blankets” and there is really a difference, which is the dimensions. Fleece blankets are made in dimensions that are parallel to bedding dimensions; king, queen, full, twin and baby.

Fleece throws or fleece throw blankets are smaller than a twin size blanket (but larger than a baby blanket) and is the perfect size to “throw” over your shoulders or legs. Fleece blankets are familiar at outdoor sporting events, predominantly when personalized with a team mascot or logo, which is why fleece throws are also known as stadium blankets.

No matter what you call them, the words “fleece blankets”, “fleece throw blankets”, “fleece throws” or “stadium blankets” are used interchangeably.

To get the best price when buying fleece blankets, type the words “Wholesale Fleece Blankets”, “Bulk Fleece Blankets”, “Bulk Fleece Blanket Throws” or any similar keywords into the search box of your favorite search engine.

However, it would be very time consuming to do all of that research so, to save you a lot of time and effort, our team has narrowed it down to what we have concluded to be the

Top 3, Best Bulk Fleece Blanket Wholesalers and Where to Buy Them:

1. Crooked Brook®

Crooked Brook offers high quality bulk fleece blankets and their prices reflects that: you get what you pay for.

Don’t be tempted by the plethora of embroidery, promotional products and decorated apparel companies that advertise “Cheap Wholesale Fleece Blankets”, “Cheap Personalized Fleece Blankets” or “Cheap Bulk Fleece Throws” on the internet.

When you buy cheap fleece blankets that’s exactly what you get… Cheap fleece blankets.

Cheap fleece blankets get “pilly”, become thin and lose their color after a few times through the washing machine.

2. FleecePro®

FleecePro operates largest in-stock program in North America for unbranded fleece throws and blankets. Being a textile design company, FleecePro’ s focus is combining technology and function to create boutique-quality products at promotional price points.

FleecePro sells their products exclusively through the Promotional Product Industry’s Best Suppliers, making it possible for them to increase profits by providing an extensive inventory of North America’s best-selling fleece throws and blankets.

FleecePro high-value products are easy to personalize using a varied variety of methods of decorating apparel such as embroidery, laser engraving, screen printing, heat transfer and sublimation etc. FleecePro offers same day shipping from many distribution centers across the U.S., saving their customers time and money on shipping that gives them an enormous competitive lead.

3. DollarDays®

DollarDays has been a reliable purveyor of bulk fleece blankets to a large number of nonprofit organizations, schools, and philanthropic organizations for over 20 years. By providing critically needed fleece blankets and friendly support, the DollarDays team strives to help these organizations accomplish their bold undertakings.

DollarDays offers partnership program where anyone can sign up online and make purchases of small case pack sizes of fleece blankets at competitive prices from their wholesale products catalog.
For customers looking to buy cases of bulk fleece blankets and sell the items individually check out DollarDays Wholesale Reseller Program.
For customers looking to resell fleece blankets by the case, they can purchase them straight from the website.

In addition, for those who are not an established ecommerce business and would like to partner with DollarDays, they have additional programs you may want to enquire about.
With DollarDays’ streamlined ordering procedure and extensive selection of high-quality fleece blankets, customers will find everything they need to aid the growth of their business.

In Conclusion

If you are in the market for bulk fleece blankets, contact any of the companies listed above and you will not be disappointed.