Har ki Dun is arranged at a tallness of 3566 meters in the western Ganges which is very high. Har ki Dun is additionally well known by the name of Hanging Valley of Gods which is a support formed valley. The trek is renowned for thick woodland and shimmering tops

Har ki Dun is truly outstanding and the most famous trekking spots of Uttarakhand.Har ki Dun trek is called to be the flights of stairs to paradise. You would be taken to the old Himalayan towns to investigate them by trekking through the Har Ki Dun valley.

On the off chance that you are an undertaking darling and the trekking fan, at that point the Har Ki Dun trek should be in your pail list. On the off chance that you are an enthusiastic trekker or an expert trekker and you don’t evaluate this trek then you would be passing up loads of fun. You can see the most tremendous scenes of the Himalayas while being on this trek.

Alongside these, you will run over a great deal of wonderful sights which makes the trek considerably all the more occurring and soothing.you will get sufficient opportunity to investigate the region and entertain themselves with the magnificence of nature.

The trouble level of the trek is from simple to direct and on account of the trek inclination. On the off chance that you are a learner, you are not encouraged to go on this trek as this isn’t essential. In the event that you are a standard or an expert trekker who have adequate information on trekking circumstances and propensities, at that point you can attempt this trek.

The path of the trek fundamentally is of knolls, ice sheet bowls, pine timberlands, moraine edges, and old towns.

The best an ideal opportunity to go on a Har ki Dun trek is during the long stretches of Monsoons to Winters. The normal temperature of the spot during the best seasons is 8 degree to 15-degree centigrade during the daytime. Also, the normal temperature during the evening of the spot is – 5 degrees centigrade to – 3-degree centigrade.

During these months, the perspective on the trek is astonishing. You would make some astonish and astounding perspectives on the mountains, tops, feathered creatures, creatures, old cottages, and antiquated townspeople. The atmosphere during these months is lovely. The outdoors and the trekking exercises during this season is consistently the best.

Prior to setting off to any Himalayan objective including the Har Ki Dun trek, you have to take consent and the license of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) to let your Himalaya trekking endeavor go easily. It takes one day to give this license.

These licenses and authorizations are truly essential to take prior to going on any Indian trek since they are ones who give you the position to enter a specific region.The trouble level of the trek is from simple to direct and due to the trek angle. Not all tenderfoots are encouraged to go on this trek as this isn’t essential. On the off chance that you are a normal or an expert trekker who have sufficient information on trekking circumstances and propensities, at that point you can attempt this trek.

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Things to Carry for the Trek

  • Essential First Aid kit
  • Personality Card
  • Cap/Scarf/Bandana and Sunglasses
  • Water (Minimum two liters)
  • Lemon and salt OR Electrolyte Powder/Drink (Electral/Gatorade/Glucon D, and so on)
  • Speedy Dry Full Sleeve T-shirts are best over cotton tees.
  • Plastic sheet to wrap electronic gadgets, just during storms
  • Sunscreen (SPF 50+)
  • Scissor
  • Bandages
  • Pain relieving splash (Relispray, Volini, and so forth)
  • Sterile Liquid (Savlon, Dettol and so on)
  • Cotton roll and Bandage
  • Tablet for movement ailment (Avomine), Acidity (Gelusil, Digene, and so on)
  • Gentle relief from discomfort tablet (Crocin)

This is what BanBanjara picks a local area expert for Har ki Dun trek!

  • Local Guide ought to in any event have the age of 25 and will be IMF guaranteed.
  • The visit administrator will be an accomplished trekker and have done in any event 5 short treks and 2 high elevation treks.
  • Visit administrators will have great wellness and won’t have any smoking and drinking propensities.
  • The visit administrator will have initiative characteristics and information on life-sparing help.
  • Visit administrator will talk familiar english and hindi.
  • Visit administrators ought to have past involvement with the movement business and will be an extra advantage.

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