“How Blogging Will Change In 2020” Blogging has been there in the world of online marketing for a while now. A lot of people are indulged in the blogging industry and honestly, it is one of the easiest ways to get started as a beginner in the make-money-online buzz.

But so many things have changed over the last couple of years. It seems that the industry of blogging is greatly transforming itself. Everything from the type of content to the way people consume the content is changing.

If you are a blogger and not thinking about what the future of the text-based content will look like, it is time to get alarmed.

In this article, we will look at the changes that are going to take place in the written-word space or in more than simple words, how blogging will change in 2021.

Lengthy Paragraphs Will Not Work Well

The biggest mistake that new bloggers and even existing bloggers are making right now is writing long chunks of texts in just one go. That is not going to work in the future. 43% of the readers admit that they skim blog posts. 

This indicates that people are looking for ‘to-the-point’ information. You don’t have to add so many unnecessary words in your posts. Being specific and concise is something people are going to prefer.

There is a myth that long content gets more visitors. No, that’s is not true. The type of content that attracts more visitors is relevant content. 

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So, you will only have to answer what the reader is looking for. At the same time, that also does not mean writing a hundred-word blog post. Being specific means just sticking to a particular topic and explaining it deeply.

More Visuals Will Be More Important

“How Blogging Will Change In 2020” Content with no or very few visuals will gradually move out of the line. No one likes to read boring posts that just have tons of words. 

The majority of readers are preferring more visuals instead of traditional articles. If you will not make this change for the better, someone else will. This is going to lead to less attraction over the course of time.

Even studies show that articles with some kind of images get 94% more views than those with no visuals. The percentage that came out is really impactful. 

Being a blogger, if you are not using visuals within your content, it is the time to stand out from the crowd and get more traffic.

New Bloggers Will Need To Do SEO Properly

There was a time when blogging was just about writing great quality content on a consistent basis. But with over a billion blogs existing on the internet, you can’t just start a blog, write posts, and think about getting good results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of optimizing your blog to show up in the search results of search engines and get more traffic/visitors.

It is a skill that every serious blogger will need in the coming future. Sure, social channels and other platforms can help you grow your blog’s traffic but 93% of the online experiences begin with a search engine, and search is the number one driver of traffic to content websites.

So, before getting your feet wet, SEO is a skill all of the bloggers would want to learn and get good at.

Building a Brand Will Be Important

As the number of blogs that provide information on the same topic is increasing rapidly, it will be very significant for bloggers to do something out of the box and be different. 

There is tremendous competition these days, especially in the blogging field. The reason being is that every beginner thinks it is very easy to do. And honestly, if you have just some of the needed skills, it is quite easy.

What this means is, if a thousand people are publishing information on the same topic, not all of them are going to attract visitors or traffic. Only a very few percentage of articles will get some eyeballs.

So, building a brand gets at the top of the checklist. You will only have to choose a particular niche that is not very competitive and then provide the best quality content on the same.

Indirectly, bloggers will need to build authority in a particular category. For instance, if your blog is about health, you will have to choose a particular corner in health such as, home exercises for women, paleo diet, etc.

When you do that, not only people will find you as an authority but huge search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will send loads of love in the form of visitors.

This will really be impactful in the coming future. Even Google CEO Eric Schmidt said brands are going to be very important.

Hence, for doing well with your blog in the upcoming times, branding is something you will have to put some weight on.


“How Blogging Will Change In 2020” Blogging is not going anywhere anytime soon. You are going to see the buzz of video and audio booming but people will continue to read blogs for longer. There will be some changes that bloggers will need to make to make things get into an alley. 

If you will use more visuals, optimize your blog for both people and SEO, optimize for user-experience, provide great information, build a brand, and continue to transform your content type, you still will be successful with blogging because always remember: People still read blogs…only the way they read is changing.



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