“5 Social Media Marketing Ideas That Realtors Should Implement In 2020”, Social media marketing is gaining its rapid pace for the past few years. The added features and the crowd have compelled the marketers to use social channels for promotional purposes. And of course, realtors are no exception in this.

Well, real estate marketing is usually done offline. But with time, the business has shifted to the online world and is now running on both the mediums for an extension. Realtors or the real estate marketing agents are now making use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote their business and grab the attention of a wide audience online.

People are now going online to find the best real estate marketing services and get in touch with the agent for any property deal. If you are a realtor, you must understand the importance and impact of social media on business.

This article is perfectly designed for those who have shown a high interest in social media marketing. Their keen to learn more have forced us to come up with some interesting marketing ideas related to social media. Just have a look.

5 Social media marketing ideas for realtors

1. Use proper hashtags for your social media posts:

The most trending thing about Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other popular social media channels are they demand hashtags. No matter what you post, if you include hashtags to your caption content, your posts get more visibility and can grab the attention of more viewers.
Be it is video content, graphics, textual content, or even a real estate ad, just add some powerful hashtags that are relevant to the brand and are in trend. This will boost your brand engagement and make the brand more visible to the right audience.

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Some popular hashtags that you may prefer using include #realestate #realtor #properties #homelisting #mortgage #realestateinvestment #homebuyers #houseforsale.

2. Add realtor quotes to your content:

Social media allows you to share different varieties of content. For example, if you have a blog section on your website, you can share the link to your real estate blog with your followers. You can create amazing graphics or share the real original pictures of any of the property you want to have a deal. So, on social media, you will hardly have to think about what to post.
 Now, to make social media content much more exciting and engaging, you can prefer adding some realtor quotes. Maybe some inspirational quotes, funny quotes as in memes, your personal quotes, and so on. You can either build images or post normally to seek the attention of the audience.

3. Schedule your posts properly:

What’s the use of sharing engaging content on social media when hardly a few potential customers are available online? Before posting anything on social media, you should gain an understanding of the current crowd. Let us explain this to you in brief.

Suppose, you post your content on a weekday at 11 am. Do you think maximum people will be there online watching your post, liking, and commenting on it? Of course, not. Morning on weekdays is the busy hours. You have to analyze this from beforehand and post your content at the right time when many potential buyers are found scrolling their timeline.  
 You can definitely do this by scheduling your posts. Whenever you want to post your content, schedule your time in advance, and enjoy automated posting at the right time.

4. Share the success stories:

Facebook and Instagram are now featured with stories. Yes, you can add and share success stories with your followers and generate engagement.

Now the question is – what can you add to your social media stories? Everything! If you want to share your success story, you can do so. If you want to talk about any upcoming campaign, you can add this. If you want to talk about any supporter, you can also add an image with some background features.

Use the right tool to monitor:

Which tools do you prefer using for social media monitoring? This is something very vital. Social media monitoring is as important as website monitoring. This gives an insight into your brand performance over social media and how your clients and audiences are reacting to your activities. Understanding these is very essential when you are choosing internet marketing for your real estate business.

Plenty of social media monitoring tools are available online. For example, Hootsuite, Buffer, Social Mention, etc. With these tools, you can not only keep an eye on your customer reviews and brand mentions. But even get an idea about the latest trend, competitor activities, and brand engagement. Use the right tool for your sheer business.

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The Bottom Line

Making some changes to your social media marketing can definitely help a lot in finding the right audience and turning them into potential clients. So many real estate brands use the social media marketing technique to generate rank-driven results. But unfortunately, only a few who have invested time in learning the exact way are lucky enough to build optimum results.

Look for a social media marketing company in Delhi and SMO experts who are well aware of the latest trends and techniques. They will help you with the best marketing ideas on social channels.


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