Is your Love life amazing, everything goes smoothly, and you don’t have the slightest potency problem? If this is your case, congratulations. If you want it to be (or remain) this, we bring you some tips on healthy and quality erection.

Say goodbye to these harmful habits (or don’t even start with them)

Excessive alcohol consumption

You have probably heard that alcohol is the “broom of humanity.” However, one of the harmful consequences of excessive alcohol consumption is the loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. Alcohol suppresses the production of the male hormone, which has a significant effect on your erection. So instead of quantity, focus on quality: a glass of quality wine or quality spirits in the appropriate amount will not hurt you from time to time.

Treacherous nicotine

Cigarette smoking endangers your blood vessels’ health and the blood supply to the some part of body, thus worsening your erection. As many as 80% of men who complain of erectile dysfunction regularly indulge in more than one cigarette.

Sitting in front of a computer.

A quiet lifestyle is an excellent breeding ground for erectile dysfunction. Lack of exercise contributes to obesity and cardiovascular disease, which also adversely affects the organs’ health from the waist down. A high-quality and robust erection will be your everyday reality if you involve healthy movement in your normal activities.


At the same time, the phenomenon of today is one of the leading causes of dysfunctional relationships. People who succumbed to workaholic .they tend to devote all their time and energy to work. This unhealthy habit carries not only the risk of relationship breakdown, infidelity but also loss of erection.

Other unpleasant health effects are closely linked to workaholic. In an effort to “reduce the time” needed to eat, many “disabilities” reach for fast food. And it’s not just that. Excessive caffeine consumption is no exception. The coffee here, coffee there, and the recommended daily intake of caffeine (max. 400 milligrams) can be well overstated, and at the same time, harmful to health.

Re-evaluate your priorities. Is your job worth sacrificing all this for?

Overnight stay

Sleep, which is shorter than 5 hours, causes great stress and fatigue in the body, which also has a negative effect on physical appetite and erection. However, if you want to have them “normal” in all circumstances, set aside at least 7-8 hours each night for a refreshing sleep.

This way, you can maintain a quality erection – regardless of age.

In addition to avoiding the bad habits mentioned above, we recommend that you supplement your diet with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids—especially those that will keep you potent even in old age. Find your diet to support the male hormone. Discover the benefits of eggs, avocados, tuna, or erection herbs that will support your efforts.

You can also try, for example, a natural herbs, which is suitable for all ages. It contains extracts from traditional herbs and vitamins that help maintain physical condition and vitality at any age. Thanks to the highly concentrated composition of the active substances, it has a positive effect on maintaining the reproductive system’s proper function.

Anchor ground supports the production of male hormones, physical desire, libido, and overall performance.

Peruvian Maca helps maintain physical fitness. It has a positive effect on sperm count and motility.

Zinc contributes to fertility, proper reproductive function, and the maintenance of normal male hormone levels in the blood.

Erectile Dysfunction pills like Fildena 100, Fildena 120, Fildena 150 and vigora 100 is help men to get best and strong erection

Reduce stress

Since psychological causes are a common cause of erection problems, which are carried by stressors, we can say that stress robs you of an erection. In the case of stress and anxiety, the body can prevent blood flow to the men organ. And since blood doesn’t get where it’s needed, you can forget about love.

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If you want to maintain an healthy and quality erection, treat yourself to rest, meditation, or another form of relaxation. The basis can be switching off the technology (mobile phone, laptop, television). What comes next is up to you. A walk, exercise, or dedication to a partner will clearly be a better solution.

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