Cashew nuts are part of dry fruit with immense health benefits. It is being touted as one of the fruits that help males overcome erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is insufficient blood circulation giving soft or dying erection leading to erectile issues.

Cashew promotes blood circulation which helps males overcome low blood circulation towards the male organ. It is suggested in diet as a natural remedy for male health. Cashew is full of iron, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, vitamins and manganese, etc, which lift male health and ensure smooth blood flow towards the male organ, thus overcome erection weakness. Let us study in details how cashew nuts are a natural remedy to male weakness.

Cashews keep cholesterol down

Cashew is sometimes called natural vitamin. It is the healthy nut for heart as it cuts the fat content in blood vessels. In addition to their role as fat destroyer, cashews are cholesterol fat free and have high antioxidant content. Mid aged males often suffer from cholesterol problem which is at the root of their erection issue. Instead of unhealthy snacks, indulge in cashew nuts to cut cholesterol risk and encourage blood flow throughout the body.

A study showed that males who consumed arginine, precursor of nitric oxide, rich food had better erection than males who do not. And, cashews are one of the nuts with good source to boost erection in males. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels to give more space to blood flow.

Support bone health

Bone weakness or joint pain issues can lower the frequency of the intimate session among seniors and mid aged males. Strengthening bones to remove hindrance to intimate life can encourage more such moments, which lower the erection issue chances. Cashews are rich in magnesium, which is also considered necessary for bone wealth. Biologically, the magnesium is in bones in various forms. It is present on the surface of the bone and along with calcium is in structure of bones.

The joint health is improved by the copper in cashews. Copper is considered vital for function of enzymes. The enzymes are involved in collagen and elastin ensuring smooth function of bones and joints. Improved joint health removes the cause of erectile dysfunction in seniors.

Boost to blood flow

Magnesium in cashews relaxes blood vessels. Relaxed blood vessels create space for blood flow toward the pelvic area. The relaxation and dilation in blood vessels supports greater flow of blood which overcomes any erection weakness. The same role is played by Sildenafil citrate 200mg, a higher dose prescribed for higher resistance to erection.

Improve function of nervous system

Nervous system gets a boost from cashews as well. The magnesium a content of cashews is essential for healthy growth of muscles, tissues, and vital body organs. It also helps in hypertension. A male with constant high blood pressure increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. Magnesium supports the smooth functioning of nervous system. Nervous system gets stimulated by brain signals. The stimulated nervous system releases blood flow towards the pelvic area containing male organ. It lifts erection, thus curbing erection weakness.

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The magnesium in cashews keeps blood pressure, muscle tension, a migraine and fatigue and soreness away. The insufficient magnesium in the body causes rise in blood pressure, muscle tension, fatigue, soreness and a migraine, etc. Cashew, rich in magnesium keep these issues under check. It promotes healthy body and mind.  A man with a healthy body facing erection problem gets more benefit from generic Levitra 60mg, a dose prescribed for higher resistance.

A healthy snack for weight loss

Weight loss through healthy snacks is always a better option than dieting for forced short term gains. Overweight is an issue in several males with erection issue. it is one of the causes behind weakness in erection process .Nutritionists observed that males who had cashews twice a week did not put on weight compared to males who were not eating nuts. Cashews are high in good fats, which are not harmful to body. The energy density and dietary fiber are cashews make the nuts an excellent snack for keeping weight under control.


Cashew nuts are valuable healthy nuts for overall male health. It has positive impact on cholesterol, keeps blood pressure in check, improves blood flow and provides energy. The overall impact is better health and better erection process. Include the nuts in diet through cashew butter, or garnish the desserts with the nut to improve nutritional value of sweet items.


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