When searching for a job, making a cv which is both attractive and relevant improve your chances for getting a job interview. It is the first document the recruiter will look at. If it triggers a good first impression, you will be more likely to meet the recruiter. So, how to create a great curriculum vitae? Find out our tips!

Keep it Simple and Succinct

If you are not applying for a creative or marketing position, a too original layout may work against you. Always bet on a simple, sober and readable presentation. Forget overly original typographies and fonts and use colours sparingly. Keep the same font and remember to align your text. Think about using an elegant CV template from a CV generator to help you out. You should keep your entire curriculum vitae on an A4 sheet. To find the best CV example, click here. It is therefore essential to remain synthetic. According to many studies, specialists do not spend more than a minute reading a resume, so it must be attractive and the essential information must catch its attention at first glance!

Keep Some Mystery for the Job Interview

Another tip is that you should not reveal everything in your resume. Save your best cards for when you meet your interviewer face to face. When you discuss your recent professional experiences with them, you will be able to reveal your main asset by explaining the challenges you faced, the results you achieved and what you expect next. The star method can help you synthesize your speech by the way.

Always Proofread your Curriculum Vitae

Spelling should not be taken lightly when you are looking for a job. To avoid your application being rejected prematurely, take the time to read and reread your CV several times. Do it with a dictionary to be sure to have eliminated all spelling, conjugation and grammar errors. If you are not comfortable with English, there are some correction tools that can make it easier to spot typos. You can also ask someone else close to you to check your spelling and grammar.

Associate your Curriculum Vitae with a Cover Letter

Although the cover letter is more and more questioned in new recruitment methods, choose a classic approach with a CV and a personalized cover letter to the company. It is indeed a complementary document to the curriculum vitae that will help you convince that you are exactly the person they are looking for the position sought.

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