Perfect Resume Format In 2021: A brilliant resume can attract the attention of a recruiter and help you stand out from other applicants. Presenting a well-formatted resume enhances your chances of receiving the right career opportunities.

Now, there are several ways to format your resume. You should decide on the type of resume you’ll present. Different types of resume styles are beneficial for different people who have various career backgrounds and objectives. When focusing on formatting aspects like font style or margin size, your objective is to present a document that allows employers to quickly note why you’re a good fit for the job.

On that note, here’s everything you need to know about presenting the resume format perfectly in 2021.

Crucial elements of the resume format

  • Header

You must ensure that a potential employer understands whose resume they’re looking at.

You must include your personal details at the top of your resume. Present your full name, email ID, phone number, and personal branding website (if you have one). You can also write your mailing address, but that’s purely optional.

  • Resume objective

An objective statement is a simple outline of your employment goals with the organization you’re applying to and must be presented in no more than a sentence or two.

  • Resume summary statement

A resume summary highlights your skills and experiences and, like the career objective statement, should be presented in no more than a couple of sentences.

  • Qualifications/Experience

This part is where you write down about your work experiences and highlight who you were employed with but what you accomplished and how long you did it. You must include your job title and also a bulleted list of your responsibilities and/or duties.

  • Skills & Abilities

This is the part where you need to highlight your relevant skills that are directly associated with the position you’re applying to.

Always ensure you list things here that set you apart and let you convey to a potential employer that you’re the perfect find for the job. These can include things like language skills, technical skills, computer skills, anything and everything that sets you apart and chooses exactly what the employer’s searching for. The Perfect Resume Format In 2021 is very important.

  • Education

For newly graduates and people just starting out their careers, this would mean where you went to school and college. For people in technical fields or fields where additional training is either encouraged or required, you would include these details in this space.

  • References

These days references are no longer a must-have on resumes. That doesn’t mean you don’t need them. Instead, present them as a separate list, and if requested, you can turn them in.

Best Resume Format

Basic formatting rules for preparing resumes

  • Apply margins the right way

Setting proper margins in your resume ensures the information fits within the space and is readable too. Typical margins for resumes and other professional documents like resignation letters or cover letters are one inch on all sides, opine the efficient essay writers online. If you’ve prepared a short resume with plenty of black space, you can use wider margins to prepare a less distracting document that appears perfect. If you adjust your margins, you should highlight them below 1.5 inches.

You must make sure to keep the resume left-align, so it’s easy to read. If readable and appropriate, you may decide to center-align certain section headers to stylize your resume.

  • Select a clear, professional font

When choosing a suitable font for your resume, see that it’s clear and easy to read. Making sure employers don’t have to make efforts to understand words on your resume is the most crucial factor when choosing a font. It’s also helpful if your resume is sent through an application tracking system.

For instance, sans serif fonts are generally proper fonts for resumes because they have clean lines that are easy to read. There are also fonts like Georgia that are still widely recognized among employers as professional and simple.

  • Feature section headers

Underlining or increasing the font size for section headers allows employers to promptly find the information they’re searching for. Always format the section headers minutely. They should be separated from the body and written in a clean, professional way. You can stylize your headers in several ways.

  • Increase the size of your section header fonts to 12, 14, or 16 points.
  • Present a ‘bold’ font on your section headers.
  • Underline your section headers.

You can also use these styles to highlight your name and contact details at the top of your resume. These details should be the first thing employers notice, and they should be easy to reference and read.

  • Use bullet points wherever appropriate

Using bullet points in your education, experience, or skills sections enables employers to quickly find the most crucial pieces of details from your background.

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Bullet points must be used to list your achievements. Never use only one or two bullet points. If you have less than three details to list, then write them down without bullets in sentence form or use other punctuation to keep the different ideas separate.

Presented below is an example of a resume format you should follow.

Rebecca Smith

132, Sterling Street, Kingston,

New York- 12401


I am a dedicated and passionate communications professional seeking a position with a non-profit organization where I can extend my skills in public relations and my passion for philanthropy.


Public Relations Manager

The Autism Spectrum Foundation, 2017-Present

Plan and direct public relations programs to uphold a positive public image for The Autism Spectrum Foundation. Manage PR staff and serve as a mentor to junior public relations personnel.

Public Relations Specialist

The Autism Spectrum Foundation, 2015-2017

Worked as a PR team personnel that made sure all fundraising efforts, local events, and other special projects met the institution’s brand guidelines and upheld a suitable public image.

Communications Coordinator

ABC Company

Helped improve brand visibility through multiple marketing efforts, including social media campaigns and digital advertising efforts. Helped conceptualize and circulate printed marketing materials and press releases.

Professional Skills

  • Public relations management
  • Corporate communications
  • Interpersonal communications
  • Team leadership
  • Process streamlining


Seton Hall University, 2012-2016

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Volunteer Work

Red Cross Society

Disaster Volunteer, Public Affairs


Parting thoughts,

It’s vital that ensure you have the The Perfect Resume Format In 2021 for the right job. This means more than just listing out your qualifications; it means choosing the right format and ensuring that you’re presenting it properly. With this elaborate guide, you’ll have clarity about presenting your resume format.