3d printing companies are among the most innovative industrial technologies, and it’s gaining rapid popularity across multiple industries. From automotive to construction and the retail sector, 3d printing streamlines complex manufacturing jobs and brings more efficiency and flexibility.

As more companies are shifting from conventional methods to additive manufacturing, several companies now offer full-fledged services to meet their requirements. So, we have got you covered if you are also searching for the best 3d printing companies for your next project. But, before we dive into the loss of the best 3d printing companies, let’s first understand what a 3d printing service is.

Whether you are opting 3d printing for the first time or you are looking for advanced services, our list of top companies will help:

What is a 3D Printing Service?

3d printing services are companies that offer on-demand printing services to fulfil your project requirements at affordable costs. The most lucrative advantage of working with these companies is that you get direct access to top-grade industrial 3d printers for your product. The company covers everything from design to prototyping, manufacturing, and post-processing.

These companies offer flexible and personalized 3d printing solutions across all industries to make your manufacturing seamless. Once you share your project requirements, they take care of everything from material selection to CAD designing, printing, and logistics. As a result, you can get your 3d printed product delivered with a shorter turnaround time using 3d printing services.

Top 3D Printing Companies That Offer Innovative Solutions

For your convenience, we have selected these companies based on the quality services they offer, material variety, fast delivery, and comfort.

1. Zeal 3D Printing

Zeal 3D Printing is an Australian ISO 9001-2015 certified company with a comprehensive range of additive manufacturing services. Whether you are a newcomer to this technology or an experienced enthusiast, Zeal takes care of every project with perfection.

They offer a wide range of 3d printing technologies, including FDM, SLA, SLS, PolyJet, Multi-Jet, DMLS, and more. With a vivid collection of more than 45 industry-grade plastic, metal, and ceramics materials, they can tackle your every complex requirement with excellence.

With their instant quotation feature, you get highly accurate estimates for your project along with the estimated time required and DFM feedback. In addition, they offer doorstep delivery of your product with a quick turnaround time. With years of experience and support of modern equipment, you can be sure of the Zeal 3D printing service in Australia.

2. Sculpteo

Sculpteo is a cutting-edge online 3d printing service company that simplifies additive manufacturing for your business. You can upload your 3d CAD models on their website and pick suitable materials for final manufacturing. If you’re also into creating and selling 3d printing designs, then Sculpteo lets you open an online store and customers shop from you through their platform.

They offer a wide range of 3d printing services in materials, including plastics, metals, ceramics, and resins. Whether you need rapid prototyping or full-fledged product manufacturing, their team takes care of your every requirement. Sculpteo also offers laser cutting and engraving services for wooden and acrylic materials. They also provide comprehensive learning resources for 3d printing that brings various eBooks, tutorials, and blogs.

3. Treatstock

Treatstock offers its industrial-grade 3d printing services all over the world, and they offer you instant quotations to simplify project planning. Whether you need prototyping, product designing, or advanced applications to print dental implants, they’ve got you covered. Along with various materials in plastics and metals, they also offer custom materials for multi-colour printing. As every 3d printing technology shows relevant printing materials, it becomes easier to choose them.

Similar to Sculpteo, Treatstock also offers its platform to upload their designs, and anyone can purchase them and 3d print later. For visually impaired individuals, Treatstock has a handful of applications that let them create braille labels.

They ship 3d printed products worldwide with a shorter turnaround time. To kickstart your project, you only need to upload your 3d printing file in STL, PLy, or OBJ files and select materials.

4. Materialize

If you are looking for industrial-level large scale additive manufacturing services, then Materialize is your go-to option. They have expertise in industrial rapid prototyping and offer their services in aerospace & aeronautics, architecture, automotive, and bio-mechanics. Specifically, this company is specialized in providing full-fledged printing solutions in the medical domain. In addition, they can help you with bespoke designing and manufacturing of devices and prosthetic’s for orthopedics.

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Along with full-fledged 3d printing services, they also bring in a wide range of software for advanced designing. Materialize also has a dedicated learning hub that covers 3D printing in medical, manufacturing, and various other fields. In addition to this, they also offer workshops, seminars, and in-depth blogs on 3d printing software.

5. Stratasys Direct

Stratasys Direct is one of the leading companies that manufacture advanced 3d printers for multiple domains. In addition to this, they also offer full-fledged additive manufacturing services to meet your every bespoke requirement. They offer a wide range of 25+ plastics, metals, and ceramics, accompanying multiple 3d printing technologies.

From FDM to SLS, SLA, and DMLS, they cater to all your printing requirements with accuracy, picking the right technology. With their instant quotation system, you can create and edit designs that you can apply to your ongoing projects. Their professionals also offer consultation to companies that wish to integrate additive manufacturing into their core process. Stratasys Direct has expertise in creating production parts, including ECS ducts, housing & enclosures, and anatomical models.

6. Shapeways

Shapeways is among popular 3D printing companies that offer two primary services. First, they offer a platform for professionals to sell their work and second, bespoke printing services. As their name suggests, you only need to give them a 3D design that you want to print, pick materials, and you are good to go.

Their material selection varies from plastics, ceramics, metals, sandstone, wax, and many more. Along with 3d printing, they also offer rapid prototyping, designing, and various casting services. Their team of professionals also provide a comprehensive range of post-processing services to speed up your manufacturing. They also offer a special discount for schools to get started with 3d printing applications and enhance their curriculum.

7. Protolabs

Protolabs offers its industrial 3d printing services worldwide since the early 2000s. They offer you the complete spectrum of 3d printing, rapid prototyping, injection moulding and many more. Be it large-scale 3d printing manufacturing or CNC machining, they have got you covered. With their quick quotation option, you can enter your project details, pick suitable 3d printing materials, and their team will contact you with accurate time and cost estimations.

Protolabs has a dedicated resources section where you will find various valuable podcasts, white papers, industry insights, and case studies. If you are a newcomer in additive manufacturing, you can check out their resources section to get started. Protolabs can print in a variety of materials, including plastics, metals, and many others.

8. 3D Hubs

3D Hubs is an advanced 3d printing services company that collaborates with several other companies worldwide. Their broad network of 3d printing companies gives users higher flexibility and agility in product manufacturing. Whether you need bulk manufacturing or prototyping services, you can get all services from local companies near you under 3D Hubs name.

Their working style is user-focused and straightforward, making it easier for customers to share their project details. When you upload your 3d file and choose materials, you get a list of all local companies near your area. From professional individuals to big industrial 3d printing companies — you will easily find suitable solutions and a workforce for your work. The most significant benefit you get here is that you can compare multiple local hubs and pick the best one near your place. In addition, you will find plenty of customization options in materials and  3d printing technology selection. 

9. Makerbot

With a wide range of industrial 3d printers and other equipment, you can be sure of the quality of your projects. So whether you plan to buy a desktop 3d printer or a full-fledged industry-level carbon fibre printer, Makerbot is here to help you.

They have expertise in the automotive and aerospace industries and offer a wide range of 3d printer parts to speed up your development. They also provide a detailed resource hub to learn all the nitty-gritty of 3d printing and designing.

10. Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal is an innovative company that offers you the complete range of metal 3d printers to accomplish your every industrial goal. Desktop Metal offers you a wide range of desktop and full-fledged metal 3d printing solutions for your company.

They cover multiple industries and work around their special requirements from automotive to heavy manufacturing, education, machine design, and tooling. In addition, they’ve made metal 3d printing accessible to small and medium-scale businesses.

Final thoughts

3d printing is the future of advanced manufacturing, and as it becomes more accessible, more companies will integrate it with their conventional processes. If you plan to get 3d printing services for your business, pick any of the above companies and step into the future of flexible and innovative manufacturing.

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