Life is a race, everybody is running after money, success, and fame. The one who is not able to achieve any of the above mentioned things is considered purposeless and his life is considered vain. In order to compete with the world, people work day and night. They work in order to be successful in the material world. However, ignoring the fact that are they enjoying their job and following their passion.

Thankfully Sabbatical Leave is a way out from the stressful life of nine to five job. As it is beneficial for both employee as well as for the organization. Here we are going to discuss what sabbatical leave from work is, how it works, what is it leave policy, and many other things as well. These 10 things will let you know about managing sabbatical leave from work.

What is a Sabbatical leave?

It is a leave that the employee can take apart from annual leave allocations, that has been agreed by the employer. It has been often used interchangeably with “career break” as it come to mean an extended absence in the career of an individual to fulfill some goal e.g., writing a book or travelling extensively for research. Sabbatical leave are taken for a period of time that may vary between a months to a year. It is usually taken as a single period of extended leave, but can also be taken for short frequent period of absence. Companies preferably offer this to employees who have been serving them for years. It can be considered as a type of employee benefit.

How does a sabbatical work?

Sabbatical has a history that is based on the Hebrew bible. Sabbath (or rest) was given to the land after every seven years from agriculture activity. Similarly our mind is also a soil and it needs break from all the stress and work to grow and progress.

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Taking break from work can really be beneficial on creative and professional level. As this breaks gives opportunity to employee to have its own time and relax. As people can pursue what they like doing or what their passion is. Perks of sabbatical leave is that it is a holiday that is for a certain time and then employee can easily go to the position they were on.

Company sabbatical leave policy

Every company has a sabbatical leave policy that may vary from organization to organization. Although there are areas that need to be covered like Eligibility, How to apply, How long is the sabbatical going to last, Is it paid or not, the purpose of the sabbatical leave, and the process. Further we are going to discuss them in detail.

Eligibility Criteria

Companies decide the eligibility on the basis of employees performance and the amount of years that employee has served in the company. On the basis of loyalty and effort, the employee hasput in, he or she becomes eligible after a certain period of time.

Reasons of taking sabbatical leave

Most of the time the purpose of taking sabbatical leave is to have self-evaluation and development. In this way people can have a leisure time and see what their interests are and they can pursue them. Like some people pursue a degree or working on a personal project to volunteering like working in cheap cv writing services, travelling the world or spending more time with family.

How long does a sabbatical last

The amount of time a sabbatical leave can be taken should be decided. Can people take for three months off? Or a year? On which basis it should be decided, does that depend on the amount of years they have been working in the company. It should be mentioned that what is the maximum period, for which an employee can go on a sabbatical leave.

Is it paid?

It varies from company to company weather they offer paid sabbatical or not. Some companies decides to give certain amount of money to its employee, some give full salary and there are also organizations that decide not to pay. It totally depends on the organization that do they want to invest in their employee’s personal development or not.

What’s the process?

How can employees apply? Do they have to write a cover letter, and seek help from cover letter writers? Like when they respond to a job offer or can they simply use the company’s time off request form? How much time before they should apply for the leave? Who is going to approve the sabbatical leave? All these points should be clear in order to manage the sabbaticals in your organization. 

Advantages of sabbatical leave

Sabbatical leave helps in the growth of both employee and organization. As coming after a certain break, makes the mind of employee stress free and he or she can work efficiently. As it has been found out that employees have increased psychological resources such as health, a sense of control and independence, energy, and even more professional knowledge!. Their wellbeing increases and they have a positive impact on other colleagues.

Returning back

When the employee comes back, you need to decide that which position will be given. Like the member will be given the same role as before their leave. Or the member will be given another job of equivalent position. The guarantee of re-employment should be given to the employee to avoid any sense of disagreement later.

In the final take away, it is important that all these points are focused while managing sabbatical leave from work. As these points help in providing benefit to the employee as well as the organization. When the employee is productive and efficient in its work, eventually the company grows and prospers.

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