The Equilibar electronic vacuum controller allows vacuum control through a computerized command signal. First, the command signal is sent to a small vacuum regulator valve that generates a pilot signal to the Equilibar Dome Vacuum Controller (EVR) reference port. process pressure equilibar offers a precision digital vacuum regulator to provide this pilot reference signal. The ultra resolution QPV and EPR-30Hg models have virtually no hysteresis and no dead band. This results in the ability to make precise adjustments.

How Does a Pressure Regulator Work?

These controllers can be used in open loop mode or closed loop mode. In open loop mode Vacuum setpoints are commanded by a computer signal sent to the electronic pilot controller. The digital pressure controller creates pressure at the EVR reference port to keep the process vacuum close to the set point. Open loop mode results in small variations in vacuum pressure as flow rate increases.

In closed loop mode or PID mode, the process vacuum pressure is monitored by a separate pressure sensor close to the process. and the command signal sent to the pilot controller is adjusted so that the process pressure matches the set value. This PID operation can be performed within the QPV electronic digital vacuum regulator or in an existing process control system. Closed-loop control results in greater accuracy over a wide range of flow rates.

Easy to Use in Many Ways:

Compared to manually controlled controllers, the vacuum control valve is considered easier to control. All you have to do is set the desired vacuum point. And the vacuum pressure regulator takes care of that set point automatically. Also, another benefit of using these regulators is how much easier the pressure stabilization process is. So you don’t have to worry about that. You only need to pay attention to the areas that need your attention. You also don’t have to worry about pressure regulation, as the digital vacuum controller will control it automatically. If Something Goes Wrong We offer touch screen controls that allow you to quickly run a full vacuum or split your pump for instant process changes.

The digital vacuum regulator is easy to use. And you can maintain the desired pressure and temperature to achieve the perfect quality. Our quality requirements are a moral force against the company. And vacuum operators provide perfection in maintaining the environment necessary for production with the promised quality.


When it comes to the role of safety We will know that these digital vacuum control devices are the best solution in vacuum management. The reason behind this is that they can fix problems faster and have security features built into the device.The vacuum pressure regulator is the best safety provider for those who work with sensitive equipment. Mechanical pressure regulators are not easy to control. Compared to electronic digital vacuum regulator The safety of our employees and employees is of paramount importance to companies around the world. Technical staff is the most valuable asset for the survival of a company. And the most important thing is the life of the coaching staff. The vacuum control valve made it the company standard. that guarantees maximum security

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