Whether you were working from your company’s office before the pandemic or working out in the gym, by now, you’re probably doing those activities in your living room. The same applies to those who are massage lovers – even if your local massage studio is open for work, you’re probably looking for a home massage remedy. Worry no more – there are plenty of massage products on the market to choose from, of which a massage gun is one of the most popular at the moment. Even more good news is that you’re covered: here is a short guide on how to choose the best massage gun according to your needs.

What is a massage gun?

Let’s start with the basics: firstly, you should know the difference between a regular massager and a massage gun. Unlike the typical hand massager, a massage gun sends its vibrations deeper into the tissue. This is very useful when it comes to people who need to relieve their sore muscles after a strong workout or for someone who sits in their chair for too long. Depending on your level of pain or soreness, you should choose a lighter or more aggressive option. However, the good thing is that there are particular massage guns on the market that have intensity-changing options, which means you can use them on any occasion.

The best option during these difficult times

Considering the fact that the pandemic is still an ongoing thing, people are still spending most of their time in the comfort of their homes. Despite that being a good way of avoiding infection, it really makes the muscles very lazy. The number of people who were exercising and walking every day dropped significantly. This means that the blood flow is slowed down, which can lead to serious complications. Luckily, there is a massage gun that can do it all. Apart from targeting sore muscles, neck knots, and whatnot, the durable Melo massager also improves blood pressure by increasing blood flow. What’s more, it targets lymphatic drainage, which significantly improves overall health. After you’ve tried this one, you’re probably never going back to the spa.

Massage Gun

How do you use a massage gun?

Like you’ve probably guessed by now, it is very easy to use a massage gun. If it’s your first time using it, read the user manual thoroughly. Moreover, you should start with the lowest setting, so that your skin and muscles can get used to the pressure. Then, gradually set bigger speeds depending on your preferences. Bear in mind that you should avoid targeting your bones, as it will probably lead to painful experiences. It is recommended to target one muscle for approximately 15-30 seconds, and then move on to the next one.

How often should you use your massage gun?

It is perfectly safe to use a massage gun even a few times a day – for example, pre- and post-workout. There’s no need to worry about hurting yourself. These products are professionally made to improve your health and overall well-being.


It is always a good idea to choose a product that you can fit into your bag. No matter if you plan on using your massage gun solely at home, it’s good to have it portable in case you change your mind. For example, you might want to bring it to your next pilates appointment, so that you can massage your muscles while stretching. Moreover, you might want to have it handy on your next vacation.

Battery life

The battery life of your massage gun can vary depending on the brand you choose. However, most of the new and improved models come with extended battery life, or even with spares. Anyhow, these specifications shouldn’t worry you too much because, nowadays, the models are so well built that you can easily change the battery or replace it.

In conclusion, you want to aim for the product that best suits your personal needs. Think of which parts of your body you want to target and if you need it for sports massages or just for relaxing. Consider buying the one with the biggest number of speed and intensity options, in case your needs and habits change. Even if you decide to go back to your massage studio to get a regular massage treatment, your massage gun will still be a handy gadget you can use on any occasion and on the go.

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