The oil and gas industry is among the most profitable industry sectors in the present world. Our machines still operate solely on these resources, even though they are nonrenewable and, therefore, expected to disappear soon. Until then, we still have to think of ways to improve their extraction efficiency and prolong the durability of the equipment used in the process. 

To an average reader who has little to no knowledge about the topic, the basic idea of the extraction itself might look like a tricky process. And it indeed is! Companies in charge spend incredible amounts of money purchasing the most efficient oil and gas extraction machines. The size and power of those machines are astonishing. 

Taking care of those engines is essential for several reasons – the most obvious one is to prevent the machines from getting consumed by corrosion. Some of the less obvious reasons include safety and reliability issues. Finally, the one that concerns the company the most is the reduction of long-term costs. Reducing long-term expenses is also essential for consumers since proper maintenance signifies stable selling prices. We can already tell that good efficiency is key to many different aspects of the business. Let’s dig deeper into the topic and discover more! 

What is oilfield equipment maintenance?  

Maintenance is needed before, during, and after extraction. Each part is crucial in getting the best results and prolonging the efficiency of your equipment. The one that is slightly more important than the rest is treating the gear after the extraction is finished, in other words – how you store it. Make sure to drain all fluid reservoirs, lubricate joints and moving parts to prevent friction, clean all the surfaces, and cover the equipment to avoid the influence of possible severe weather conditions. 

Ignoring these steps carries a potential risk of worn-out equipment and additional expenses. 

Reducing fatality risks 

Safety is always a top priority, no matter what you do. Oil and gas extraction is not the safest task to do. They impose significant threats for the workers. The risk was much more severe in the past when the technology was still developing, but today manufacturers apply the best technological solutions to improve everyone’s safety. It is vital to purchase the best oilfield equipment on the market to ensure the safety of your workers and your business. Don’t try to save money on such an important aspect. Any fatalities can highly affect the image of your company and destroy morale among the employees. The question is, what can companies do next to prevent potential fatalities? The key is in good maintenance of the equipment – regular check-ups and a conscious approach guarantee more safety. Still, everyone involved in this kind of business has to be aware that sometimes accidents happen. Unfortunately, many problems can arise out of the blue and end up tragically, no matter how careful you are. 

Regular Equipment Maintenance

Financial stakes 

If we ignore minor problems, we risk making them more prominent and harder to solve in the future. The issue’s complexity directly affects the amount of money spent on fixing it. 

More significant problems also indicate time management issues. Business efficiency greatly depends on your ability to follow the schedule. New projects are always on their way, and if you don’t have enough time to take care of them, your clients will find someone else who does. Additionally, workers scheduled to do the job will still have to get paid even though the extraction is not happening. 

Therefore, it is crucial to regularly take care of your gear if you don’t plan on wasting time and money. 

Warranty coverage 

Manufacturers usually guarantee a full refund or replacement if the purchased equipment fails to fulfill its role. To ensure this, users of the equipment have to take a few steps ahead for the warranty coverage to be valid. The best way to do this is to take regular check-ups and document every step as proof. It is a secure path towards validating your reasons for the needed refund. 

Take everything into account 

Be responsible and take good care of your business and your employees. Have in mind everything stated above to ensure the best results. Always do as much as you can to ensure maximum results. 

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