PDF or Portable Document Format is one of the open-source formats that is being widely used among businesses, enterprises, or individuals. It is a commonly used format to view documents, images, and many more files and is easily accessed, managed, shared, printed. PDF is broadly used to exchange electronic documents over any device like a smartphone, tablet, laptop.

When we keep working with PDF files, then there comes a time when we have too many PDF files.  It may be in the form of a document or image file and then becomes a little difficult to manage those PDF files. There is only an option left,  merge PDF Mac bulk files into one by categorizing them on the basis of their content.

Merging PDF is not a much-complicated task if it happens under proper guidance and technique. Merging PDF files makes it easier to handle multiple PDF files. Here in this article, we will discuss how to combine PDF files on Mac easily. Now, we will discuss the need to combine PDF files.

Reasons to Combine Mac PDF files 

Working in an organization or enterprise with multiple PDF documents or managing the task with multiple PDFs. Then it looks a bit difficult to access & manage your Mac PDF files. To eliminate such hindrances, you can combine those files into one single PDF file and work with ease. Combining the PDF files based on their category will help you to sort the problem. 

Given below are the following reasons to combine PDF files on Mac,

  • Combining PDF files into one helps you to store and manage them more efficiently.
  • You don’t need to open multiple files while searching for a particular file.
  • Combine PDF mac saves your search time, reduces the time span of searching.
  • It can minimize the occupied drive space.
  • Organizing and handling the files becomes much easier.
  • It becomes easy to share and print the data on the basis of need and content.

Above we have discussed the number of factors to merge PDF files and make our task easier. Now in the next section, we will discuss and elaborate the methods to combine PDF on mac.

Manual Method to Combine PDF Files on Mac

There are many ways available on the internet to merge PDF files that are not a bit easy and safe. Here you will find out the effective solution to merge PDF files on Mac.

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All the Mac OS comes with an inbuilt PDF viewer application that is called Preview. It is the default Mac OS application that comes for free. The Mac default app is a pretty good solution to merge PDF files offline.

Let’s discuss the steps to merge PDF files free using the Preview method.

  • Select two PDF files from the folder/desktop that you want to Combine in one file.
  • After that, Right-click on any one of the files and click on Open With, and select the Preview option from the menu.
  • Your PDF will open with Preview, now choose the file thumbnails to display in the view menu from the sidebar.
  • Drag and drop another PDF thumbnail to the sidebar over the first to merge PDF files mac.

With the use of the above-mentioned steps, hope you understand how to combine PDF on Mac. Before performing the steps, users must ensure to have some basic technical knowledge. Now, we will discuss some of the limitations that users deal with while performing the stated method.

Limitations of DIY Method to Combine PDF files on Mac

Combining the PDF files using this trick may be a good option but not an optimum solution to deal with. There are some disadvantages that are as follows:-

  • It doesn’t perform the bulk merge PDF mac.
  • It is a very time-consuming process and requires good technical knowledge.
  • You may lose your data if the steps are not performed accordingly.
  • It doesn’t provide an option to save the PDF attachments in a separate folder.
  • Problem faced while combining encrypted and unencrypted files.

Manual technique to combine PDF mac is sophisticated to deal with. To eliminate such problems most of the users switch to the Professional PDF Merge Tool for Mac to combine the mac PDF file. The professional technique helps the users to save a lot of time. Users can easily merge PDF files Mac and can perform bulk merging operations smoothly.

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Combining the PDf files into one on Mac is not a difficult task. But when it comes to bulk merging operations then there are some problems faced while using the manual approach. In this article, we have discussed for combine PDF files on Mac with the manual method and their limitations. Apart from this, we have suggested switching with the Professional method to Merge PDF for Mac for a better and trouble-free merging experience.

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