Although the house buying process is a lengthy one and can have many problems; but these issues resolve after some time. The one problem that continuously emerges from time to time is the money problem. Arranging for the right amount for the house buying whether it is through Stop Renting And Own Your House or any other scheme.

Why Sellers Prefer Cash Over Other Payment Methods?

You will find many stories and experiences of buyers posted on different online forums and websites that told that the sellers insisted on paying the sellers cash instead of other modes of payments. Experts have suggested the following reasons for this behaviour.

Get Instant Cash

For the buyers arranging for the cash is a lengthy process but for the sellers, it is the best way to get instant cash. Once the cash is received the deal can be closed within a week.

Bank Transfer Can Take More Time

This transfer of funds can be directly from the buyer’s account to the seller’s or the lender can pass on the amount. In the second option, the transfer of funds is delayed because the lender has to confirm everything before making the transfer.

Using Cash On Other Projects

Whatever cash the sellers receive they have to use it on other projects. Many of the sellers are also builders and they need money to put it on other schemes that they are working on.

Do These Delays Apply To Stop Renting And Own Your House?

Yes, the delays that will be discussed below can also help in Stop Renting And Own Your House in Perth house buying procedure. The reason for this is that arranging for cash is the most important step in buying whether it is a normal house or through this scheme.

Monetary Delays Faced By House Buyers

Many people think that arranging for buying a house is the only monetary issue that buyer’s face. But in reality money issues can occur even you are buying private rent to buy houses. So buyers have to watch out for the below-mentioned delays.

Arranging For The Cash Itself

Several individuals don’t want to get help and try to arrange the money for themselves. They can face many problems because it is difficult to collect the money on your own. So the best solution for this is to get help from the lender.

Wiring Money To Wrong Bank Account

You will find several experts like Stop Renting Perth who will assist you in the whole money transfer system. The main aim of the experts is to make sure the amount is wired to the right bank account.

Money Spent On Repairs

An initial look at the house doesn’t show the structural issue but when you hire inspectors to check the house only then the defects are detected. So the buyers have to spend money on the maintenance and repairs.

Amount Spent On Deed Record And Title Of Property

Many times the property you are willing to buy has no proper person in whose the title is. Also, the record of the deed is missing; so it is up to the buyer to arrange for it. This will result in spending money on the whole process.

What If Taxes Are Not Paid?

On certain occasions the seller has not paid the taxes of the house and buying procedure; so the closing of the deal is delayed. Before the final closing, the buyers have to pay the taxes of the house.

Unanticipated Situations Can Occur

It may happen that you have collected the money needed to buy the house but unanticipated situations occur that have made you spent the money. So collecting the amount again can be an issue whether you are buying a house through Stop Renting And Own Your House or by any other way.


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