Growth hacking means employing strategies and tactics that let your businesses grow. Sean Ellis, the CEO, invented the term and founder of when he saw that traditional marketers didn’t focus on the growth the way he was doing.

When we talk about Growth hacking, keep in mind that it is not another marketing word. It is different from conventional marketing, which may have a ubiquitous set of abilities and goals, that are growth hackers are concentrated on one aim that is growth.

Now, you must be wondering why hacking? The word hacking has several meanings, be it good or bad. For instance, while talking about growth hacking, a “hack” is a quick shortcut that can get you better results quicker. Usually, “hackers” are good at utilizing modern tools and technology to place their hacks into practice.

Growth hacking aims to enhance the customer or user base as quickly as possible. It further ensures that spending remains minimum.

Some of the best growth hacking techniques in 2021

1. Guest Blogging

The most important growth hacking technique is guest blogging. Today, guest blogging has established that getting quality traffic and building brand influence is necessary for expanding your business, and guest blogging lets you accomplish just that. For instance, Buffer, a social media scheduling app, let you grow its customer base from 0 to 100 K when its co-founder, Leo Widrich, composed around 150 guest posts in 9 months. There are some blogging websites that accept guest blog posts and get you the exposure you crave for.

2. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

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Nowadays, Influencer marketing has become an industry in itself for the past few years and has become a great strategy for Instagram growth. For instance, brands like Coca-Cola, Dell, and PayPal have regularly used these methods for success. But, now it has become a startup business as well. Everyone is trying to leverage its power as it has so much potential to take the business to a whole new level..

3. Interactive Content

The power of interactive content in the marketing world cannot be neglected anymore. According to the stats, around 46% of content marketers already utilize interactive content as a part of their growth strategy. It is because it leads to improvement in user engagement and greater brand loyalty. It also explains your prospect’s most pressing issues and adds value, which appears in a higher conversion rate. It further improves brand awareness.

4. Video Marketing

Video marketing on social media and video hosting websites has aroused the interest of several agencies and companies alike. Today, Sharing funny and relatable videos keeps your audience involved and helps you establish a brand connection. According to the stats, an average user spends 88% more time on a website that has video than without. 65% of people watch more than 3/4th of the video. These numbers show the scope video marketing has when it comes to improving user engagement and retention.

5. Pre-Launch Marketing

Nowadays, Creating a buzz about your product before the actual launch is a great hack widely used by businesses today. For instance, Harry’s, a company that offers shaving products, created a landing page that got them 100K pre-launch signups in just seven days. Therefore, make sure you run contests, make a pre-launch video, and make use of your network to spread the word to make a list of prospective customers. It further helps you attract new customers.

6. Communities (Join, Ask, Answer)

Being engaged on social media and joining various communities has always been a blessing for digital marketers. Facebook Groups, Google+ Communities. LinkedIn Groups, Quora Twitter, and other social media platforms provide a chance of immense growth to the companies. With more than 2 Billion users, Facebook has become the obvious winner in this market and has been a marketers’ favorite. For instance, Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds, posted a picture on Twitter with a “One-Liner Punch,” which got a great response. Various other success stories tell us that this hack can’t be overlooked.

7. A/B Testing

A/B Testing

A/B testing, also known as Split testing, has delivered excellent results to companies in terms of growth and strategizing their campaigns. For instance, distinguishing two web pages and tabulating outcomes shows the variation in conversion rates, which directly affects the sales and growth of the company.

8. Digital Analytics, Click Tracking, and Scroll Tracking

Numbers are a significant metric to verify the success of any campaign. And this is where digital analytics, click tracking and scroll tracking becomes beneficial. Utilizing these tracking methods, companies can optimize their marketing return on investments and content offerings, among other things, to enhance overall business performance.

Click Tracking enables you to identify the number of times your subscribers have clicked any link. You can also track when particular elements on the page are scrolled into view. This analytical method helps to put text and links so that they get an excellent response.

9. E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing has a long story of achievement as a growth hack, and even today, it is one of the trendy digital marketing methods. Some marketers may consider it dead, but in reality, it’s not. It is effective today as well. For instance, Uber sends daily e-mails to their subscriber list to tell them about the deals and promotions being given. And looking at their revenue growth, this sure appears to be working. Moreover, this also helps Uber in retaining customers and keeping brand loyalty.

10 Referral program 

Referral programs are one of the most effective and affordable ways to entice your customers and attract new ones. When you launch a referral program it lets you reward your existing customers for promoting your brand and make them your brand advocates. It further improves relationships with your customers.

Wrap up

In this post, we have seen some of the best growth hacking strategies that you can use to get successful. All these strategies are effective as well as pocket-friendly thus making them easy to implement.

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  1. Great post. Personally, my favourite one is Quora as it is helping us be more visible. While they have recently changed how you can post links and no anchors are allowed, it is still a powerful tool to use. Thanks for sharing.

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