What is Assisted Living Software?

Assisted Living Software provides tools for automating the workflow of long-term stay in the assisted living, memory care or independent living.

Four of the qualities would include:

  • Guidelines for alerts and treatment planning.
  • Critical monitoring, medication tracking, and resident incidents.
  • Alerts for risk and procedure (to ensure operations are proceeding safely, legally, and optimally).
  • Tools for teamwork and exchanging records to organize knowledge through positions and changes.

EMAR or electronic medication administration records, which minimize drug management mistakes, are a distinct common feature.

Typical integrations of the Assisted Living EMAR Software will be:

  • EMR data link
  • Billing and accounting
  • The use of CRM
  • Pharmacy systems
  • Incorporating methods of staff management

AL Cloud Care’s Senior Assisted Living Software Features AL Cloud Care

There is a complete list of attributes and activities that the assisted living groups will achieve with AL Cloud Care’s Senior Living Software. The following is the key information available. To read more about the respective feature, click the titles below.

Management Of Opportunities and References

Our CRM provides reference management and lead monitoring functionality that map and maintain online and offline opportunities and references. Lead follow-up work using the built-in prospect management segment is logged, monitored, and closed.

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Marketing Contacts and Action Monitoring

Free marketing connections and events monitoring feature provide a Senior Assisted Living CRM functionality. Marketers may use this function to schedule, record, organize, and document different marketing campaigns and community engagement activities. A calendar view makes quick marketing access. Past activities and reminders can be used to warn pending assignments and prior due events.

Resident Charting

The detailed module maintains an eye on the care of residents, including reviews (ADL, Fitness, Fall risk, etc.), and the finalization of communications, care standards, and service plans.

Resident Evaluations

Resident evaluations can be picked from a list of models and if appropriate, tailored for each facility/community using a robust test recording and monitoring module. ADL, Fitness, and Fall risk reports, without looking for paper binders, can be compiled, stored, and accessed online through the application!

Finalization Of The Treatment Plan

The service plans (treatment schedule, care map, and price summaries) can be established in Assisted Living Software automatically in a couple of easy steps, based on the evaluations, care levels, and the wishes or desires of residents/family.

Lists, Activities, and Notes For Making

General job activities, including housekeeping assignments or payroll, can be organized and delegated to the workers (unrelated to residents). Administrators and workers can also enter tablet-based Assisted Living or laptop notes with each other.

Tracking of Vitality and Weight

Regularly monitoring and charts for trends may be rendered to recognize vital signs, blood pressure, and weight. Vital sign information and other health indicators will optionally be obtained automatically from home-based sensors/displays/watches. Our Assisted Living provides connectivity to multi-vendor health monitoring equipment.

Logging and Monitoring Of Events

The framework or software allows you to build event logs in minutes without writing or generating several types of records. This avoids redundant administrative labor and makes it easier for workers to concentrate on caring for tenants.

Progress Notes On Residents Treatment

The progress notes for residents may be reported every day or in any schedule required by the residence for seniors. This functionality will be used by Med Techs or nursing personnel without duplicating paper and computer notes.

Tracking of ADLs and Treatment Tasks

Our Care Map Chart monitoring module will be used to plan, monitor, and record all resident care tasks. Daily Life events and other social, wellness, and logistical activities may be organized, supervised, and controlled. The device activates, where applicable, reminders, and due notices.

Charts and Recalls of drugs (eMAR)

This module provides assistance to staff, including those who help with drugs. The system tracks and warns workers in real-time about all prescriptions, treatments, supplements, or administration periods if medicines are in order. The medicine management module contains alerts, requests for a refill, maintenance of prescription inventory, and management of medication orders. In order to automate drug orders and refill them into a system, it is incorporated with leading pharmacy system applications. There is also a pharmacist portal.

Resident Appointments

The appointments appear in the schedule of the appropriate calendar, the lab, the spa, or some other meeting. Alert notifications can remind when an appointment is due.

Calendar For Social Activities-: Activities and caregivers can plan, manage, and monitor both social and physical enrichment activities.

Transfers Of Residents -: With billing synopsis and transition formation packets, the system simplifies resident moves operations.

Resident Census and Data–: The device offers a single click in real-time with resident census reports and other analytical information. Manual modifications are not required. In real-time, a citizen register can be accessed and printed with a few taps. It provides detailed in-house real-time records, including existing tenants, levels of service/care, fee specifics, etc.

Billing, Receivers’ Accounts, and Resident Payments

Apart from the above-mentioned features, it also provides a full accounting module. The machine will automatically generate a billing description depending on the service schedule, treatment standard, equipment, and other cheap products. For integration with the accounting program, the billing data can be exported to your accounting system. Assisted Living contains also a module, optionally available to import rental and utility fee payments from resident bank accounts, which can be used as a secure electronic check processing (ACH–Automated Clearing House). This option simplifies and automates the handling of whole accounts receivables. It may mitigate vast volumes and administrative roles of composition.

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