With the rapid depletion of natural resources we, the inhabitants of planet earth, have to think of alternatives and also conserve whatever resources are available. Since ‘Charity Begins at Home’, let us give you some quick ideas about how you can begin with making sustainable homes to make your contributions towards making this planet a better place!      

  1. Solar panels: Installing solar panels on the terrace has come a long way. It is efficient and effective in saving electricity and using the natural source of energy i.e. the sun. You must decorate the staircase leading to the terrace with step tiles to give the entire area a glorified look. This makes the terrace look sustainable yet fashionable. Solar energy can be directed for every household usage and save your electricity bills.
  2. Rainwater harvesting: What do we do with the natural rainwater? Well, most of us let it drain out like any other waste. A sustainable home is one that focuses on storing and saving this rainwater for household uses like supply in the washroom and cleaning purposes. It needs proficient planning and proper maintenance before the rainy season to prevent clogging of the channels. However, the stored water should be covered to prohibit it from getting dirty so that it can be used for a long.
  3. Terrace garden: Make the ulterior use of your terrace and grow your own green veggies. Yes, this sounds fun and also sustainable. However, if you do not have a terrace you can do the same with your balcony. All that you need are planting tools, some basic knowledge about growing regular vegetables and also keeping the place well maintained. Installing tiles gives you the ease of cleaning and maintaining. Cladding tiles are durable and would be the perfect ones to endure the weight of the heavy pots and buckets.

  4. Say no to one-time-use plastic: Sad but true, we really cannot imagine our lives with zero use of plastic. That is why we must reduce the use of plastic bottles, boxes, containers, polythene bags, furniture, etc. Instead, use wooden or metallic ones that last longer and are definitely eco-friendly. You can also make concrete seating arrangements in the open and decorate them with beautiful tiles.

You can decorate such houses with cladding tiles for their strength and durability. They are weather-proof and that is why installing them in the open terraces or garden areas would be a great choice. Just make sure that they are bought from a reliable dealer in order to get great quality. Getting all the tiles from the same place helps you to get a good number of the same tiles to avoid any shortage.

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