Healthcare App Development Business: Tech innovations are on a surge every minute of the day. This is creating many opportunities in almost every industrial space. These technological advancements are assisting businesses in creating a user friendly business approach that supports their business’s ideas and enhances their profits. One of these technological encroachments has also greatly affected the healthcare market, especially with the given situation and the adjustment of our lives to the concept of this new normal, the use of internet applications have gained popularity over the old practices.

According to reputed Healthcare research analysts, the itinerant health market has registered a global growth rate of 33.5% annually over the period of 5 years, from 2015-2020. This is mostly because, as compared to earlier statistics, people now are more concerned about their health and are incorporating measures to keep themselves healthier.

The concept of mHealth is the trending business opportunity in the market now. At the pace that it is now growing, it is going to be skyrocketing in the years to come. So we wanted to discuss some ideas on the top 10 healthcare app development service ideas in the coming year (2021).

1. Telemedicine Apps

Considering the current pandemic situation, we are always at the shortage of medical staff while on the other end, the medical practitioners are themselves struggling with catering to the many in need of physical and or mental care and are looking for personal one on one appointment. So the high demand for telemedicine apps is the only sure thing that we can foresee here.

Some interesting features that should be included in the app are:

  • Chatbot
  • Calendar for scheduling appointments
  • Pharmacy association for prescribed medicines
  • Notification for new offers, and or features
  • Live video session with doctors

2. Healthcare Symptoms Tracking App

Getting to know your health condition from the comfort of your own house is not just ideal for now in this COVID situation but honestly anytime. So an app that could tell you what you are likely to be down with when the symptoms are input is quite an innovation. Now also, the availability of the GPS tracker will diagnose the area and the local weather conditions to rightly understand the health issue and its causes.

Some features that will help:

  • Emergency call service
  • AI chat enablement for questions
  • Live location tracker
  • Access to health care history and records

3. App for the Elderly Support

We all need care and support, but the need increases as we age. Taking care of our elderly is our responsibility, and we should always try and make things easier for them. This is most crucial with healthcare. So having an app that is designed for this purpose only makes the most sense. The app should have features that will help them with things like:

  • Meal and water reminder
  • Checklist and reminder for daily tasks
  • Reminders for medication and exercising
  • Providing them with easy provision for ordering medication and other health-related items
  • On-call doctors, nurses, dieticians, and more
  • Video support with medical practitioners

4. Relaxation and Meditation Apps

We are all constantly under stress, be it with our work or personal lives. So getting an app that has a meditation and relaxation plan specially customized for our needs is going to be wonderful. All you got to do is punch the reason for the inbuilt stress and the time you can spare to rejuvenate and let the app take care of the rest.

5. The Cloud Solutions for Healthcare

If we are going to be doing it over the internet, it is only but fair that we seek cloud support. With regular reports, scans, prescriptions, and such being received and shared, the data accumulated can become quite bulky, resulting in confusion and error. Both of which can be fatal when in the healthcare front. This is why gathering or saving all the medical data over the cloud platform can make things smooth and error-free for both the patient and the medical practitioner.

6. Baby Healthcare App

Parents are always struggling with keeping a track of their baby’s daily necessities like diapers, feeding bottles, medicines, rash cream, and so much more. This has become all the more challenging in the current pandemic situations. Having an app that will send reminders on the numbers registered (most likely for both mom and dad) for the items that need to be bought and how soon will be of great use.

6. Support Groups

When it comes to healthcare, our mental health is just as important as our physical wellbeing. We are all continuously laboring under stress, and with minimum social exposure, the pressure is only piling up. So having an app that will help us connect with like-minded people, through group therapy sessions with an expert will be a pleasant thing.

7. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

With the invention and easy availability of devices like self-check medical apps, AI is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Through AI, we are now able to not just check but also manage and maintain healthy lifestyle requirements. Although there need to be more advancements that are needed in this particular field, something that we are hoping the coming year will take care of.

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8. The Healthcare App for Pets

We are as concerned about the wellbeing of our pets as we are for ourselves. And seeking medical assistance for them in these times has become quite a task. So getting an app similar to ours will be extremely beneficial.

Some features that should be incorporated are:

  • VC with the vet
  • Option to upload pictures and get vet’s advice on what it might be
  • Pharmacy tie-up for prescribed drugs

9. Suicide Prevention App

This is definitely a sensitive one that will need a lot of planning and approval before it can be rolled out in the market. But having an app like this will help people under terrible mental agony who are considering something as fatal as suicide to stop and think, a professional available for them 24/7 who can guide them out of the situation.

10. Health and Nutrition Apps

Fighting diseases requires a healthy immune system, which is strong to withstand any viral or bacterial attacks. This is only possible by incorporating a healthy lifestyle and, most importantly, by eating well-balanced nutritious meals. So an app that tells us the nutrition required and calculates the nutrition present in our meals is worth a million.

Features that will be ideal:

  • Food logging
  • Water in-take reminder
  • In app video calling with nutritionist or dietician
  • Integration of the app with a wearable gadget
  • Healthy tips from professionals

Concluding Thoughts

Coming up with a brilliant healthcare app development idea is probably not so challenging. I mean, think about all the opportunities that you can cater to. Making it a success is the real challenge. The first towards getting that out of your way is to hire a well-reputed app development services company that can put together your ideas and amalgamate everything to make an advanced level, smooth running app and help you in targeting the right audience with it.


  1. Apps are simplifying the way we used to do everything. People used the app to track their food, to remind them to drink water, and so on. The scope and our dependence on the app are increasing swiftly. If the person has a useful healthcare app development app idea then it can help immensely. This blog is very informative as it is giving insights into how health care apps are redefining the way we eat our food and medicines. Choose an adept mobile app development company for building a sturdy healthcare app.

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