Today’s generation spends more time on their phone, especially on social media sites. Many social media apps are famous for instance, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Hike, Instagram, etc. Among them, Instagram has become popular.

 Instagram is an app where you can post photos, stories, videos, reels, and igtv videos. It was made to bring celebrities and their fans one step closer. But today there are many other uses of it. You can post, re-post, stories, etc. All you need to know is to learn how to repost on Instagram.

Now many are using Instagram for businesses to increase their brand awareness. In this article, you will explore the Instagram business handle and why Instagram is important for your business.

Now people can create Instagram business accounts and increase their brand awareness, customer reach and promote your brand. You can easily set up your business account. All you have to follow these steps:

#1. You can either start a new account or simply switch your account to a business account. 

#2. Define your target audience to reach potential customers rather than the crowd. For example, if your product targets youth then emphasize youth users.

#3. Add an email profile picture. This picture should represent your brand. It can be your logo or name.

#4. Set account name, username, and add clickable links to your bio.

#5. Use relevant hashtags to increase your reach, target audience, etc. Rather than using big and crowded hashtags use simple and smaller niche ones.

#6. Post regularly and stay active on Instagram to increase reach and maximize engagement.

#7. Post relevant photos such as new product details, marketing campaigns, brand stories, etc.

#8. Post more photos than videos. As they are made in a short time and people can be awarded without even clicking on them.

#9. Pay equal attention to your captions as it reflects about you and your business.

#10. Keep an eye on your competitor and your growth trend. You can easily do it from the insights section which will display your reach, groups of your followers, the time they are active, etc.

Reasons to use Business for Instagram

Increase Brand Awareness

Instagram has more than 1 billion users and more than 500 million users daily browse through the Instagram feed. It is the best way to increase your branch awareness and promote your product or services. You can easily set up an account and increase your followers and connect to millions of people just like that.

Better Customer Reach

Instagram is the best platform to increase your brand awareness and connect to more people. You can share posts, videos, stories with your customers and make them more friendly to your brand.

You can tell your brand story, show your creativity and build up your brand personality.

Increase Sales

 Instagram is the best way to convert your connections into potential customers. You can update your followers about different campaigns, discounts, promotions, etc. This will keep them updated about things. In addition, you can tell your users about different products and services you are up to.

Moreover, it is the best way to advertise your business at a minimum cost.

Instagram Advertisement

You can increase your reach by using the Instagram advertisement feature. This will help you to increase your followers, reach and create better brand awareness.


You can impress your customers and grab the interest of potential customers by using your creativity. You can add interesting images, quotes, videos, stories, etc.

Competitor Analysis

Instagram is the current trend and your competitors may have already taken advantage of it. You can also use a business account to stay up-to-trend and keep an eye on your competitors.

Increase Traffic

With more followers, you can easily increase your website’s traffic. If your content is engaging and intriguing you can easily transfer your followers into your website’s traffic.

Shoppable Posts

Instagram has recently launched shoppable post features. You can avail of great benefits from this feature and easily increase your sales and earn money.

Collaborate with Micro-influencers

Micro-influencer is the word used for popular Instagram users that handles a certain level of followers. Their followers take their advice and take them as their role models. You can hire them for the least costs and advertise your product and services. This will overall increase your sales.

Come Closer to your Customers

Instagram can be a great place for you and your customers to interact and build a deep relationship. You can collect feedback from them or solve their queries. This consequently increases the trust of your customers.


You can interact with your followers live using Instagram live feature. Show them your workplace, factory, employees, etc.


Instagram is a wonderful way to elevate your business and increase your brand awareness. All you need is an account, a handler and a little bit of effort and you are all set to increase your customer reach and increase your sales.

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