The way to get better at graphic designer is to do something every day. If you only have ten to thirty minutes to do this on a daily basis, those small amounts of time will add up over the course of a few months

While there is definitely value in reading about graphic designer, a common mistake people make is thinking that reading is the same as doing. If you improve your skills, there is simply no substitute for doing so.

To help you make the most of the time you have available for this activity, here are ten different things you can do to take your skills beyond what you thought possible:


As long as it is only for personal practice, there is nothing wrong with copying other people’s work as a form of creative exercise.


Forcing yourself to work in a style you are not used to will help you step out of your comfort zone and hone your overall skills.


If you’re feeling stuck or uninspired with a certain project, feel free to put it on the back burner and dive into something new.

To collaborate

It is very valuable to work with others and get their opinion on what you are doing. If you make an effort to interact with other people who are doing the same type of work, you will be in a position to learn even faster.

To compete

You can take the idea of ​​collaboration to the next level by creating some kind of competition for yourself and at least one other designer.


While there are times when it’s best to get lost in your graphic design work, there are other times when it makes more sense to pause and really analyze the decisions you’re making.

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Although perfection may not be achievable, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Rather than creating something in one session and then moving on, it’s worth going back to your old work and finding out what you can do better.


As mentioned above, reading has value. And when it comes to design, it’s even more valuable to actively study past work. By getting involved with other people’s work by really concentrating and taking notes on what you are seeing, you can help develop your own unique style.


Active study is not something that should be limited to other people’s work. It is something that you can do for yourself. By taking the time to analyze pieces of your own work and reflect on why you made certain decisions, you will be able to better understand your own thought process.

Just do it

The most important thing to remember is that if you can design or watch television for twenty minutes, always choosing first is what will help you become a great graphic designer.

Whether you want to work for a graphic design company, have your own projects you’re working on, or just find this activity very enjoyable, saving yourself a small chunk of time on a dai.

The value of good quality business cards

Business cards are effective promotional tools, reflecting and representing your company and, of course, you. Even if you are a dedicated business executive, a poorly designed card communicates otherwise. A well-designed card that adequately represents you and your business can intrigue your recipients. Investing in high-quality cards can be expensive, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of potential customers who will contact you to discuss business proposals after you start delivering your new and improved cards.

Your business cards must represent your company

The design of a business card should reflect your type of business. If your business is in tourism, your business cards should be colorful and vibrant, while a financial institute should use minimal and simple styles. The reason is that people associate the qualities reflected on your card with your organization and may choose to do business with your company only if it appears to have the right qualities. Your card is the first representation at the end and it should be shocking.

Include your company logo

Your business logo is one of the most important elements on your card, because logos generally have the power to reflect a business and earn the trust of potential customers. When your logo comes into contact with the target audience, it creates an impression about your business.

Add a catchphrase or tagline

If your company doesn’t have a tagline or tagline yet, you should create one that reflects what your company does in a very short sentence or phrase. This phrase could be part of your company’s mission or vision statements. Keep it concise, engaging, memorable, and clear, with no more than five words. Don’t take this as an opportunity to provide elaborate details about your product.

Keep it simple

The preferred backgrounds for business cards are white or light gray, which keep business cards from looking too cluttered. If you have a lot of information to provide, use both sides of the card to make each of them look spacious. Your goal is to make your card look attractive while providing all the essential information.

Add an image

You can add a good-quality, professional-looking photo of yourself to significantly increase its impact. Since most cards don’t have images, adding a face to your other impressive credentials creates the potential for potential customers to remember your card. Alternatively, you can add an image that reflects your line of work. If you are a graphic designer or official graphic design company, a sample image can add strength to your business card.

Once you’ve designed and printed your new and improved business cards, work on distributing them at every opportunity possible. Instead of giving just one card to potential and existing buyers, give more. Passing your cards out to your customer contacts can get the word out about you quickly.

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