2021 is here with new trends and updates. TBH market is over saturated and designers have to often check on the emerging trends every single moment. Trends fade away quickly as most of us utilize and normalize them. F1’s UX Methodology using 8 years of expertise in Internet and Mobile applications designs has forced us to predict these trends for this season. Have a look!

1. User research:

One thing is apparent. We’re not the consumers, therefore there’s a good deal of leverage in knowing the consumer’s behaviour. Designing according to this consumer behaviour opens new gates that cannot be easily monitored. Though designers possess the product it isn’t totally possible to comprehend consumers’ requirements according to them.

User research is endless but a continuous procedure. We f1 expect to see a growing number of designers adapt to this process as it’s more insightful. The results validate the design decisions they choose to make.

2. Skeuomorphic Design:

Skeuomorphism is the graphic interface design fad that imitates how in which the design appears. Unlike the flat design trend, skeuomorphism adds the 3d component to the design and makes it look more lively.

Skeuomorphic Design

It has the capability of bringing in rich emotional adventures to digital devices by developing a feeling of familiarity by emulating designs. In 2021, users will soon be leaned towards skeuomorphism in which there are tangibility and outstanding user experience imbibed in the design.

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3. UX Composing:

As a UX author, your goal is not simply impressing users but also helping them. Saying that adding a little humour to the CTA can make wonders also. Have you ever noticed or noticed that UX Composing can turn a mediocre experience into a delightful one?!

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Many companies have leaned their communication style in a funny way. Being inventive by crafting a User Interface replicate that guides the user with the procedure while switching legumes is exciting. In 2021, UX writing will probably be about a beautiful informative microcopy and methods to equilibrium brand style with precision.

Adding some humour to the boring CTA’s enjoy” Book Now, Register” delights the process longer. A couple of things to remember when composing a wonderful UX backup are: preventing any redundancies, not inventing new words and keeping it easy, not minding the options merely to have the work done. The more casual that the backup is, the more comfortable it is to the consumers.

4. 3D Illustrations:

3D Illustrations

3D effects in the case are nothing new. But in the last few years, it took many forms and remained steady in the examples’ business. And we predict that 3D examples will keep ruling the design sector in the coming years also.

5. User Interface animations

User-friendly Interface Animations are bits of animation. Backed up with audio they produce illusion and movement to those watching it. It’s a storytelling technique where the viewer would understand the story being told outside together with the moves in the digital footage.

Animated CTA’s are a part of UX tendencies in 2021. It delivers a quite powerful yet participating branding both at precisely the identical time to the site visitors and mobile users. Motion graphics also save us a lot of space by incorporating more moves to the exact same piece. With more powerful visual indications coming in we will be visiting greater User Interface Animations later on.

Aside from these trends, there is Dark style and VUI which have been trending because 2020.

6. Dark Mode:

Dark Mode UI was trending because of 2020. We only knew that it was going to be the long run after Snapchat has created its UI harmonious with the System Dark Mode.

Dark Mode

Less Eye breed is just one of the greatest reasons why everybody is going gaga over Dark Mode. A lighter version is still comfortable to a handful of us but dim Mode is more exciting to use as it pops up a few design elements and therefore fosters the CTA’s function. A trend that’s going to be continued a very long time to the future.

7. VUI:


This enables the user to get things done with voice commands. In fast-paced lifestyles, everyone is in the need of a voice user interface. Therefore, UX is gradually shifting from Graphic UI into Voice UI. As individuals seek a simple approach to activate solutions, it might open roads to progress at the integration of voice with AI.

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