Unique History Dissertation Topics: As per expert essay writers, the dissertation is the most important piece of writing you may have to do at the Masters’ or Ph.D. level. This paper not only contributes to your overall academic performance but also takes your employ-ability chances to a whole new level. The dissertation time can be daunting initially. You may end up staring at the blank computer screen for hours, wondering where to start. So, here are some creative & unique ideas related to the first stage of the process- topic selection.

10 Scoring History Dissertation Topics

  1. The Chinese Empire existed for over two millennia. Several curious events occurred throughout the time period. Discuss the empire and the events that happened.
  2. The Ottoman Empire and the Barbary slave trade were infamous for their pirates. Discuss the connection between Ottoman Empire and the pirates who raided European vessels for slaves and loot.
  3. Conduct thorough research about the rise and fall of Ancient Greek city-states. Explain why Greece is viewed as monolithic and united against threats.
  4. Johannes Gutenberg invented the printed press in 1440 AD. The printing press expanded the availability of literature dramatically. Discuss the effects of the printing press on the world.
  5. Before the advent of the printing press, people had to write each copy of a book by hand. What were the effects of the mass production of books on Europe and the rest of the world?
  6. Christianity went through multiple schisms since its advent. Some of the phenomena were violent. Talk about the events that Christianity underwent throughout that period.
  7. Christians were divided into three categories- Orthodox Christians, Protestants and Catholics. Discuss the fracturing of Christianity, including its causes and effects.
  8. There was a fertile land in Mesopotamian Civilisation between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. This land had the world’s most advanced and wealthiest ancient cities. Study the fascinating cities that existed during that period and in that place.
  9. The Olympics began in 776 BC and were the most significant cultural event in ancient Greece. Discuss why the Olympics were chosen to represent the victory of spiritual and physical power.
  10. The Roman Empire is the most powerful entity in the entire Mediterranean in politics. Howeve5r, the same empire collapsed in 476 CE. Discuss the reasons for the vast empire’s eventual decline.

History Dissertation Topics About The Crimean War

  1. Why and how is the Crimean War regarded as a conflict of religious confessions?
  2. How did the military conflict prevent the Russian Empire from overwhelming the Ottoman Empire?
  3. What benefits did this war bring to Britain?
  4. Discuss how the Crimean War acted as a trigger for military modernization of social reforms in the Russian Empire.
  5. Describe the roles played by railways, telegraph and explosive naval shells in triggering the Crimean War.

History Dissertation Topics About Historical People and Events

  1. Analyze the fragility of Italian Unity during the time period 1866-68. Focus on factors like the fall of the Liberal government in Britain and how it influenced the fragility of the Italian Unification.
  2. Examine the people and events that gave rise to Winston Churchill. In this paper, you can examine the network of colleagues and friends of Winston Churchill. Study how they impacted the reputation of the leader even after retirement and death.
  3. Study the relationship between conservative powerhouses like Mary Whitehouse and Margaret Thatcher. Use document analysis, especially the public presentation relationship, to understand the importance of conservative women in Britain.
  4. Establish cooperative transformational leadership of F.W. de Klerk and Nelson Mandela. You can study the transfer of power in S.A. Focus on policies and personal characteristics of political leaders and cooperative leadership strategies of Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk.
  5. Analyze the making of “Guernica” along with its historical context by Pablo Picasso. Study the history of paintings that showed how people suffered from the convulsion of war.
  6. Study the role of women in the Crusade Movement. Examine what the women contributed to the Crusades. Also, show their contributions have an impact on recruitment, propaganda and organization of the Crusades.
  7. The consequences of the Harlem Renaissance on Jazz Music, Urban Landscaping and Literature. Examine the status of the Great Migration in the United States in the 1910s. This is where a certain concentration of the American population caused demographic shifts by moving North.
  8. Analyze the foreign policy strategies declared by John F. Kennedy. In this paper, you can study the themes of commitment, credibility and counterinsurgency in South Asia or rather Vietnam. Show how these themes improved the credibility after the Bay of Pigs incident.

History Dissertation Topics About The World War I

  1. Examine how caste-based discrimination impacted assimilation patterns of immigrant minorities or rather the German immigrants in the U.S. during World War I. Did discriminated groups of minorities enhance their assimilation efforts to get rid of public harassment and discrimination?
  2. Analyze the effects of Popular Emotion and Affective Experience on WWI International Relations. Study the factors related to mass emotion and communal emotion during this period. Show how these factors determined the political significance of global sentiment.
  3. Find the impact of different registration regimes during World War I on economic outcomes. You can use empirical data from 1990 to 1930 in the United States to determine the short-term impact of military service. Use the data from the United States census of 1960 to find out the long-term impacts.
  4. Study the influence of Quarrying Royal Engineers in World War I to support the British military on the Western Front. Show how the group helped the British Expeditionary Forces unless it was disbanded in 1919.

Unique History Dissertation Topic Ideas

  1. The impact of Bismarck and radical nationalism on the political state. Study the underlying reasons why German fascism came into existence before the onset of World War II.
  2. Focus on the success of Indian Bollywood movies during the 1930s. Look into the events that made those movies famous across the whole world. Also, mention the social perspectives of Bollywood movies during that time period.
  3. Study the influence of secrecy in the technology used in World War I. What role did the Trademark Office and U.S. Patent play in the development of war technology? How did the secrecy influence the war?
  4. How were the Italian prisons managed after Unification in the 19th century? Study the documentation on the management system that Italian prisons used at the beginning of the 19th century.
  5. Gender point of view during the Middle Age. Consult historical and literary sources while writing this paper to show the presentation or hierarchy of gender during that period.
  6. Discuss the process of secularization during the post-war period in Southern America. Provide an in-depth discussion of secular societies that formed after the 1940s.
  7. Highlight the representation of Jewish history in contemporary art. You can use the comic book as your primary source to explain how Jewish history and culture existed during that time.
  8. Study the history of medieval warfare. Show how it influenced the Modern Era warfare. Use both current and historical research while writing this paper.
  9. Discuss the American-British relations during the Cold War. Explain how the war changed these relations and what got affected the most.
  10. Use both Austrian literature and historical evidence to provide [personal opinions of artists or writers on this issue. Study the development of Austrian identity right after the end of World War II.

Ancient History Dissertation Topics

  1. The Maya had been a powerful empire around the sixth century A.D. It excelled in astrology, writing, mathematics, etc. Discuss what led to the decline of this vast empire in nine century A.D.
  2. Ancient Greece is where the first city-states were formed. Explain the development of the first governments in ancient Greek history.
  3. How did Geography impact the development of ancient cultures?
  4. Discuss the invention of the Papyrus and its impact on the world.
  5. Analyze the cultural preservation issues Maya history had to face even these days.
  6. Study the causes and effects of art on Classical Societies.
  7. Discuss the importance of Pyramids in the society of Egypt.
  8. Compare the burial rituals in Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt.

Wrapping Up,

Consider half of your dissertation done once you get hold of a unique topic. But, it won’t be as easy as looking at the first topic and settling on it. You can also opt for online coursework help to get hold of a credible topic for your dissertation. The right topic can make it way easier for you to write the dissertation. So, take your time and make your decision wisely.

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