Whether you are looking for a tranquil place to keep your mind at peace or finding an alluring place to wander around, Switzerland is the best choice for that matter. Hiking and camping in the Switzerland are best adventures to relish. You can see towering peaks, massive glaciers, or beautiful blue lakes, Switzerland is full of possibilities. With so many options available, you cannot go wrong with any hike you choose. However, choosing the best hike for your trip is a piece of cake. But you have to worry, we have got your back. So here are the best places for hiking in Switzerland. 

Pizol Lake:-

It is one of the most famous hikes in Switzerland. It offers you a beautiful panoramic view. This route features five crystal clear mountain lakes and versatile views of the UNESCO world heritage site of Sardona. It is just an hour from Zurich. This place is a great option for hikers looking for a day hike. This hike witness some of the bluest alpine lakes and an amazing view of the Alps of Eastern Switzerland. You can start your hike from the Pizol Gondola in wangs. Get it to the Pizolhütte at the top. Your hike will begin from there, and you can see the beauty of the first lake. Now you can continue to see the other four lakes as the trail ascends. It will take around four hours to complete this hike. 

Oeschinensee Lake:-

It is one of the most picturesque hiking trails in Switzerland. The place is nestled away in the Bernese Alps and high above the charming town of Kandersteg. Various trails circle the lake and into the mountains. But, you can also relax at the waterfront restaurant or rent a boat and paddle around the lake. One of the most adopted hiking loops you can do here is from Oeschinensee – Oberbärgli – Heuberg. It takes about 3.5 hours without stops. You will love this trail because you can wander high above the lake and see it from many different aspects. This hike does have some sheer sections. And the trail narrows a bit along the cliffsides. So this hike is for you if you are not afraid of heights. Start your hike from the town of Kandersteg or take the cable car to the top of the mountain. It will take about 3.5 hours to complete the hike depending on the route you take. 


It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland. It is an easy trip from Zurich. The lake is located in a place known as Alpstein. It is home to one of the densest network of hiking trails in all of Switzerland. If you are not too familiar with hiking, then Seealpsee is a great option for you. You can reach the lake by two routes. In the first route walk up the service road from Wasserauen. The second alternative is to take the Ebenalp cable car to the top of the mountain, then walk down to the lake, stopping by Ascher hut on the way down.

Aletsch Glacier Trail:-

Aletsch glacier offers you a jaw-dropping view of the longest glacier in Europe. The largest glacier is located in the southern region of Switzerland. It has an impressive size and scale with a 22km range up to Jungfraujoch. In addition to that, you can enjoy the natural swiss beauty on the Aletsch glacier trail in a soothing atmosphere. This panorama trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in this region. The picturesque trail goes alongside the deeper part of the glacier. The complete hike offers an alluring view of the grand glacier along with 32 4000 meter peaks. You can embark on the journey from Rideralp town. Take a gondola ride to Moosfluh. You will find the trail at the top and proceed on walking till Märjelenseen. You can take a short break here and click some amazing pictures. Then follow the trail to Fiescheralp cable car station. 

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Zermatt Five Lake Hike:-

Zermatt five lake hike is also known as the five seenweg hikes. It is one of the popular hikes in the region. The hike features views of white mountains, giant blue mountains, and lush green terrains. During this hike, you will witness five lakes. Each lake offers its beautiful and unique features and landscapes. You can even stop to swim in a few of them during your hike. In addition to that, there are many places to grab a bite or eat along the way. You can get the cable car from the Zermatt village to the top of the Blauherd Cable Car Station. You can start the hike by following the signs after exiting the station. After passing by the lakes, your final stop will be the Sunnegga Upper Cable Car Station.

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