Did you know, AI is likely to substitute 16% of HR jobs in the coming ten years?

Does this mean HR jobs are in threat? No, not at all. It merely means artificial intelligence (AI) will ease out the job search and recruitment process.

Over the past few years, companies have been taking advantage of AI to refine their hiring process. It has massively impacted the way new talent is discovered, analyzed, and also interviewed.

Let us understand the ways AI is improving the job search and hiring process.

1. Targeted Searches

According to the Artificial Intelligence Job Boards like Zoek India, a majority of agencies use pre-set filters to narrow down the list of potential candidates. These include their skills, qualifications, and general experience. While this automatic filtering has indeed reduced recruiters’ workload, it may also lead to a loss of some great candidates.

Interestingly, AI is not limited to recruitment filtering. Have you noticed that you just had a word about a new pair of glasses and see ads on it on your social media handle? Well, this is AI doing its work.

It can easily be used to target people who have been looking for jobs. Interestingly, AI can also be used to target people who shared their views about jobs on their social media handles.

2. Transparent Resolution of Queries

Job search is a long process and what prolongs it further are the lengthy job descriptions. Often job seekers shell out extra time to find jobs by titles, seniority, descriptions and then apply for relevant jobs.

Certain jobs list down 10+ requirements, and you may meet only 7 of them. Now, a question arises, did the previous person in this role fulfill all the requirements. Interestingly, AI can help you answer all your queries transparently.

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It will help you understand why you are a fit for the job and analyze the alignments with ease. This, in turn, will allow you to apply for open roles with a better understanding and confidence.

3. Interview with Chatbots

As of now, interviews are conducted by humans for onboarding new talent. However, robots are slowly taking over the pre-screening process. Several corporates have begun using AI-powered software to automate their preliminary interviews.

During such interviews, chatbots ask several questions and even capture the candidate’s eye moments, breathing patterns, etc. Subsequently, it can be used to capture data to analyze a candidate’s behavior and observe whether they are fit for a particular role or not.

4. Better Access to Candidate Data

During the recruitment process, recruiters come across candidates who have excellent skills but could not grab the job. The information of such candidates often gets deleted or lost with other profiles. Thus, making it difficult to follow up with promising candidates from other job searches.

However, AI can make this process a lot easier. Once you feed a candidate’s date into the system, AI can extract it whenever a position matches their skills. It is possible even if they are working somewhere else and not actively looking for jobs.

A majority of people having online job profiles are often passively looking for a job. With its predictive analytics tools, AI can identify talented job seekers and convert them into suitable hires.

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5. Hiring Remote Workers

With the advent of a virtual workforce, work from home is no longer a privilege. It is something that has become a necessity. Moreover, it is also possible that you cannot find suitable candidates in your region and manage to find good remote workers. Moreover, during a job search, remote working has become a key factor for several candidates.

However, when you hire remote workers, you will face a host of problems. The problem worsens when the recruitment process also needs to take place remotely.

Interestingly, AI-driven tools allow recruiters to easily hire remote workers for your organization.

You can always take the help of pre-employment assessment tools and analyze a candidate’s skills and personality. Furthermore, if you wish to conduct a video interview, you can depend on AI to assess the candidates better and fairly.

6. Easier Onboarding Process

While you might not have noticed, AI can play a crucial role in onboarding new starters. This feature is significant for hiring new people and making their professional lives simpler.

AI systems can offer new employees solutions to all their queries whenever they have any doubts. These queries can be related to sign-ups, health insurance, or any onboarding issues. AI systems can act as a central database and provide information whenever needed- thereby reducing confusion.

Undoubtedly, AI is the future of all technologies. In the long run, it will help save the company’s HR department time. You can then use this time to focus on your core processes that demand human intelligence.

While businesses are yet to use AI to their full potential, it is sure to make the recruitment and job search process simpler and more efficient.

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