Here are some really interesting tricks to flaunt in front of your friends and act like a pro cuber! If you do not have a cube or are looking for new versions of the cube, visit for affordable and exciting puzzles. We start with the 6 dots pattern. This one is a pretty simple trick to do where you will have the center tile of one color surrounded by another colored tile as a boundary on each face.

1. 6 Dots Pattern

This is a unique pattern to go about with a classic Rubik’s cube.

Make sure the Rubik’s Cube is solved. Pick any two sides and make sure you remember them.

When you have your 2 sides turn L and R 90 degrees.

Then turn U and Bo 90 degrees

Now, you turn the F and B sides 90 degrees.

Lastly, turn the R and L 90 degrees again. 

Finally, you have made a pattern in which there is a dot in the center of every side. To attain the normal pattern of the cube, continue with the steps twice. Employ the same two sides that you did in the beginning. 

2. 4 Dots Pattern

You will have four sides with the dots and the other two sides will be totally solved. Follow the algorithm to get the same.


R2 L2 · U D’ · F2 B2 · U D’ 


F2 B2 · U D’ · R2 L2 · U D’ 


U · R2 L2 · U D’ · F2 B2 · D’ 


U · F2 B2 · U D’ · R2 L2 · D’ 


MR2 MD MR2 MD’ · CD2 

3. Snake or Anaconda Pattern

For another very interesting trick, take a perfectly solved cube. Follow the steps given below. 

Front clockwise, back clockwise, right is going up, left is going down. Repeat one more time and the third time repeat it. Front back right left. There’s a little pattern already but if we turn up two times and down two times. We get a snake pattern.

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It looks like the snake slithers all over the cube, on each side, the top and the bottom sides are solved so the snake only slithers on the sides. If you make two turns for up and bottom side now, you get three diagonals.

4. The Triple Dots Pattern

This pattern is harder, but it is too cool to look at. The steps to it are-

Left two times, down clockwise, back two times, up clockwise, right two times, back two times. Next step is down clockwise, and the left is going up, back two times. Front clockwise, down counterclockwise, up clockwise, right is going down and down two times. It is almost finished. Subsequently, right is going down, back turns two times, front counter clockwise, up counter clockwise, and front counterclockwise. We get this incredible pattern, it looks really awesome. It is even double sided.

5. U letter Upside Down

Next pattern is a lot easier. Follow right two times, front two times, back two times and left two times. Then we turn up clockwise, front two times, right two times, left two times, back two and the last step is down counterclockwise. You get a letter U upside down. 

6. Forced-solve To Act Like A Pro!

If you cannot solve rubik’s cube quick enough but you really want to impress somebody, do a forced solve.

To make it look more realistic, you can use real algorithms, for example the sexy move, or if you can solve with fridrich’s method, you can use algorithms for speed solving. Take a cube facing any direction and unscramble it. Do three sexy moves on the right. Three sexy moves on the left. Turn the cube. Now we need to move the pair on the right, so we do an unfinished sexy move. And move the pair on the below front   corner. Do an unfinished sexy move. 

The cube looks scrambled, nobody would ever think you have prepared a speed solve. Also, after you unscramble the cube the way you need it and remember how you did it, you can also use some repeating algorithms to make it look even more realistic, for example, six sexy moves. Know that the element’s position does not change after six same moves. But this one is perfect for solving with one hand in one second.

7. Magic Trick In A Paper Bag

The last pattern is an interesting trick that you can do in front of a lot of people. Take a solved cube, facing any direction and follow the steps. 

Up clockwise, right counter clockwise, up clockwise, right and central element counterclockwise, so we turn two layers at once. Again, up clockwise, right counterclockwise. The cube looks completely scrambled, if you see all the sides, you would never think it has got a secret as it looks completely mixed up. There are no same elements together, except for the blue part, which you will be hiding with your hand. 

Now, we do right up, we put our fingers so we can comfortably, do right and the middle together, up, again right and up. Six moves, let’s repeat one more time. Up, right, up, two on the right. When you put your cube inside a bag as soon as it is hidden inside, you start solving with the hand the cube is in. You do 4 steps with your one hand in the backpack or paper bag and you take your hand out. When you put your hand again in the bag to take the cube out, perform the last two steps as you take it out from the bag. 

So when you take it out of the bag or backpack, you have a perfectly solved cube.

With the newfound tricks, impress your friends!

Happy Cubing!

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