These are the mistakes that will make you spend more on gas we constantly, make while driving that unknowingly drive up fuel consumption and hurt our finances.

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1.- Heat the car

A car can consume approximately 100 milliliters of fuel every minute while idling, the reality is that modern engines do not need to warm up and this practice negatively impacts fuel consumption. To warm up the engine in cold climates without using too much fuel, it is recommended that the first 3 or 4 kilometers of your route do not exceed 3,000rpm, thus, the oil will enter temperature, but you will already be moving so the car will not burn fuel in vain while stopped.

2.- Accelerate abruptly and suddenly

If you come from a stop and press the accelerator all the way you are using 50% more fuel than if you gradually gain speed. Accelerate little by little with the accelerator pedal to 30% of its travel and you will immediately notice how the performance of your car improves and with it, you will save some weights when you fill your tank.

3.- Driving in heavy traffic areas

Driving in areas with heavy traffic can increase consumption by 15%, with the technology that we have available today, we recommend that you plan your route in advance using Waze or Google Maps. It is recommended that you look for a route without traffic, even if it is a little longer. Seek to move around road distributors where you can maintain a constant speed since it is under these circumstances when the car consumes less gasoline. It is even recommended that you avoid peak hours, on many occasions leaving the house or office 15 minutes before or 15 minutes later can make a substantial difference every time you fill your tank.

4.- Using the air conditioning excessively

Using the air in an immoderate way increases fuel consumption by up to 10%, we understand that sometimes heat or cold are intolerable, try to manage the use of air conditioning and open the windows so that the temperature in the passenger compartment is not excessively high and air usage is lower. On the contrary, at high speeds, it is always recommended that you keep the windows closed since this improves the aerodynamic coefficient and the expense is greater with the windows open than with the air on.

5.- Having a dirty air filter

Generally, the change of the air filter is included in the maintenance plan of the brands, but if you allow it to get too dirty without changing it, consumption can be negatively affected by up to 10%.

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6.- Give the car a poor maintenance

It is of the utmost importance that you do the services and oil changes to your car as specified by the manufacturer, if the oil is not changed every 10,000kms, friction inside the engine increases and therefore consumption increases by up to 30%. Additionally, you will be able to extend the useful life of the engine and save money on expensive repairs.

7.- Have the tires inflated below the recommended pressure

According to auto for trade, if you’re a Pajero io for sale in kenya  or buy used car in keyana  so  these are Very important point, if the tires have an air pressure lower than the recommended one, the engine must make a greater effort to turn them and it will have to turn at greater turns to gain speed. Try to check once every two weeks that the pressure is correct and that they do not have any leaks because otherwise you will use 5% more gasoline and you will also shorten the life of your tires.

8.- Carry extra weight

Sometimes we carry items in the back seat or in the trunk that we do not need, and that negatively impact fuel consumption and therefore our wallets. Try to get everything you don’t need out of your car and you will see increases of between 0.7 and 1km / L for every 10 kilograms you stop loading. Put your car on a strict diet.

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